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Thank You

New to the Internet and looking at the Cleveland area, I came across a web site named “Slaggy Island” by Dick Fawcett, I thought it was wonderful, I visited the sight regularly and still do enjoy looking in at old South Bank.

How I wished there was something similar about old Grangetown, and the streets where I grew up. When I found a link on Dicks page for cardboard city, that was the beginning of a new experience for me.
I contacted John O’ Neil and immediately started to contribute to the site, and really enjoy doing so. I now visit the site regularly,it is a real trip down memory lane for me, which I enjoy immensely.

Thinking about where I spent most of my married life, and where my husband, and children grew up. I have decided, humbly I may add!, to emulate Dick and John and bring back old memories, this time of Coatham, and a lost treasure , Warrenby Village, and of course, Our Town! Redcar, which has always been my favourite place
My gratitude goes to:

Dick Fawcett for his foresight
John ‘O’ Neil for a real step back in time.
Alison Nicholson,Andrew Hutton & Karen Maughan of communigate for their guidance.
Jim White for his extensive research.
George Ayton for his meticulous transcriptions.

To all the following people for their generous contribution of photographs and information

Bill Troup
Freda Anderson nee Lloyd
Norma Wilson
Doreen Wright nee Thurwell
Kathleen Cowell nee Gibbon
Bill & Tricia Bradley nee Sexton
Bruce Ross
Phil Wilson
Doug Kyle
Vic & Wendy Hall
Ian & Glenda Hall
Derick Smith
Maurice Nunn
Clay & Peggy Van Doren nee Ward
Ian Jones & Steve Ives
Mike Ferris
Kath Beckett & Pat & Norman Smith
MargaretThomas nee Snowdon & Alison Small
Sylvia Carling
Margaret Jordan
Elsa Robinson nee Storey
David Oord
Linda Maude nee Close
Marion Boswell
Jack Ayres
Rex Warrior
Ken Read
Jean Burke nee Knight
Kath nee Bellerby
Margaret Hunter nee Mc Bride
Stuart Haines
Marjorie Rawnsley
Franklyn Rowe
Kath nee Lambert
Carol Stevens nee Miles
Alan Ditchburn
Roy Barker
Wendy Roberts nee Miles
Marjorie Milburn
John D Fox
Margaret Heirons
Derrick Ditchburn
Pat English
Margaret Thompson nee Knight
Steve Knight
Margaret Cunningham nee Gibbon
Joyce nee Gibbon
Marion Broadley nee Scott
David Barker
Kathleen Minnery
George Clixby
Alan Kelly
Charlie Brown
Elaine Alexander

All photographs copyright @ Sheila Barker and the contributer to this site