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The 87 Bus

The Timetable

The timetable contributed by George Ayton.

can anyone please provide a photo showing the 87 bus

The number 87 bus service was very reliable, it ran from Warrenby through Redcar, Marske and to New Marske,

some families used this transport to have days out in Marske Woods.

Fares please !

A familiar phrase and here are some familiar faces

The 87 Bus

The bus is just leaving the depot. picture copyright (Philip Battersby)

3d fare

Sheila Nicolson purchases this ticket in January 1953

Sunday evening the 87 will leave the top of Warrenby at five past eight and will travel to New Marske via Redcar,and Marske.


The 287 Bus travelling on route along Coatham Road Redcar in 1969,
This lovely photograph is by kind permission of John Banks,

This picture can be seen along with more of Johns pictures in a book named

One an Ttwo Halves to the Clock, written by Colin Plucknett ,and published by Venture