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Weddings and Wedding Guests

Marion Boswell

Marion Boswells wedding guests

Ken & Anita

A photo of my wedding to Anita Rossi from Middlesbrough at Coatham Parish Church.

The date was Christmas Eve 1965, after the marriage she lived with my parents Bert & Mary Read, at 14 Coney St. I was away just after New Year 1966 to the Far East on the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious.
I didn't get back till August 1967.
photo and information from Ken Read.


Sheila Rudd

Norman James, Bill Close, & Alan Thornhill.

wedding party 1962

left to right
Pat Leonard,Joyce Gibbon,Norman James,
Bill Close,Alan Thornhill,
in front
Olwyn Lloyd, Margaret Gibbon,

Photograph and information
contributed by Joyce nee Gibbon

Sandra Briggs wedding

Irene Close

Irene pictured with her mother and aunts, The Thornhill sisters, who were all born in Warrenby

Mrs Thornhill

This is a photograph
of my grandmother,
(and mother of the
Thornhill sisters above)

photo and information
from Linda Close

Irene Close

Bill Ward ,
Charlie Thornhill,
Harry Stevenson.


Mary Kirby,Nell Close,and Annie Hare.nee Thornhill


James Julian Lister of 27 Marina ave Coatham
escorts his daughter Judith
to St Margarets Chapel Ediburgh Castle
for her marriage to Major Campbell Graham


excuse Colin taking it easy we had just become grandparents for the first time the day before
and now in Edinburgh to attend a wedding
photo from Colin & Sheila Barker

Vic & Wendy Hall

Vic & Wendy Hall's Wedding,
11th September 1965
at Trinity Methodist Church,

The Bridesmaids and Best man; from Left, Christine Hall, Lesley Trewhitt (Chief Bridesmaid), Vic and Wendy, Ian Hall, Margaret Gallacher, Karen Yendall.

Albert Marshall Ward (Grandad) his 2nd wife Alvina, Vic, Wendy, Charles & Ethel Fiddler (Wendy's Mum and Dad)


A lovely picture taken in Stockton, it shows from the right Colin Haines, Rita Haines, Janet Turnbull. Wendy Haines(Bride) John Turnbull (Groom) and parents of the groom.
Photograph from Stuart Haines


Pictured are Jack Lambert,Mrs English, [Audrey's mother]
Alvina Appleyard [Albert's 2nd wife]
Albert Marshall Ward.Audrey Lambert.

6 June 1955

Colin & Sheila Barker nee Nicolson
Married at St Mary's Church Grangetown

Colin leaving Warrenby
with his best man Lenny Holmes

3 Sept 1936

Doris Ditchburn
who was a bridesmaid
atPeggy and Mick's wedding
3rd sept 1936

Photo & information
from Alan Ditchburn


On the left Len Holmes
on his wedding day in Sussex,
with his brother George
photo From Graham Holmes

19 June 1943 - 2003

Clay & Peggy Van Doren
celebrate their
60th Wedding Anniversary.
Peggy was a Dormanstown girl,
daughter of Reuban Ward late
of Warrenby

Clay was from California
the couple settled in Canada
they have three children ,
six grandchildren.and ten
great grandchildren,
awaiting to welcome the eleventh

May we add our Congratulations
on this lovely occasion,
and thank you Clay & Peggy
for sharing it with us.

A Happy Warrenby couple Mr & Mrs Whitham

Marjorie& Norman

Norman Coupland & Marjorie Dale.
left to right.

Jack Coupland,Leslie,Norman,Marjorie, ?, Jack Lambert, Bridesmaid on right is Norma English bridesmaid on the left is Joan Snowdon nee Brotherwood.

photograph and information from Kath Lambert


Maurice Green & Cath Wardle were married
25 October 1952
They are pictured with family & friends outside of 7 Beech avenue Redcar

Golden Wedding

Maurice & Cath Green celebrate 50 years of Marriage.

Trevor & Freda

Trevor Anderson married Freda Lloyd of Warrenby at Sacred Heart Church Redcar,
their family home was 23 Marina Avenue Coatham

Derrick & Sheila

Derrick Ditchburn & Sheila Jones who were married in 1955 at Dormanstown Parish Church, on South Avenue.
photograph & information
courtesy of Derrick Jones

2 July 1956

info please

Arthur & Annie

Arthur and Annie Gibbon married in 1963

Arthur & Annie with family & friends on their wedding day

photographs & information courtesy of Joyce nee Gibbon

Groom Arthur Gibbon centre, with his Best man Maxie Petch, and Usher John Wyman

April 1980

Stephen & Margery Lloyd on their weding day

photograph & information courtesy of Joyce nee Gibbon

July 5th 1958

A wedding Group photo taken at the
main doors of St.Williams R C church Dormanstown July 5th 1958
Groom Alan Thompson of Grangetown & bride Margaret Knight of Dormanstown,


The Wedding of Bob & Betty Ramsdale.

L-R Jean Atkinson, John Atkinson, Bob & Betty Ramsdale,
(unknown), Barbara Lawton. Approx 1940.

courtesy of Elaine Alexander