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School Days

Warrenby school about 1914

Alice Barker (chewing her hat) is behind the little girl with the board, Maurice Barker 3rd right back row.

Sacred Heart school 1946

Photograph courtesy of Norma Wilson
Norma is seated centre front also included in the photo.Billy Fountain, Peter (“Kipper”) Wilson,
Brian Maidens, Jimmy Faulkner,Jim White,Mot Collins, (? Logan, Ben Ord, Joe Wardle, Terry Cunningham, (? Hicks)Cohn Kraus, Ken Mallon, Rory Simpson, (? Bird)
(? Maidens) Came from Saltburn, Jimmy Faulkner,
(? Logan), Josie Kelly, Rita Todisco, and Mary Raines. Missing is Clive Maltby, Henry Bentley, and Charlie Gray .

Sacred Heart school 1947

A Mixed age group
Included in this photograph are
Mary Sandel,Kathleen Faulkner,
Colin Barker, Maurice Barker,

Sacred Heart 1949

Included in this photograph
Freda Lloyd, Brian Barker

White House school

Judith and James Lister
of Marina ave off to school

Warrenby school about 1954

Standing left to right Pat Arbon,Gillian Minowl,
Pam Leanard,Jean Knight.

seated Patricia Sexton,Linda Close,Jean Stainsby,Eileen Fitzgerald and Elsa Storey.

Warrenby school shop

on the right.
looking very efficient Patricia Sexton.
on the left is customer Eileen Fitzgerald

Evening Gazette 16 Dec 1954

Warrenby junior school quoir which took part in a music festival.
pictured are
back row.L to R
Elsa Storey,Margaret Webster,Eileen Fitzgerald,Patricia Sexton.
middle row Lto R
Pam Leanard, ? Pat Robinson , Jill Stirey Pat Arbon, Linda Close,
front row L to R.
Kathleen Bellerby,Marjery Leanard,Keith Knaggs, Tommy ovens,and Carole Miles.

Pupils of Coatham C of E school

1949 - 1950
back row ? ? Colin Catchpole

middle row Denis (?) Birkbeck;Doug Kyle;Michael Rowe; Niel Mayne; ? ; Robin Johnson; Alan Taylor; David Bird; Fred Walker; Jim Streuth

Front row David Sharp ; John Goundry; Marion Vasey; ? ;Joan Emerson; Christina Cox; ? Christina Bumby; Nancy?; Judith Nicholson; Barbara Mansfield; Keith Graham; Robert Lundrum

It is taken in the garden of the caretakers house and Vasey's shop is in the background

Photograph and information
courtesy of Doug Kyle

White House

White House School Primary Class 1949, I can only identify second from the left on the back row, Mildred Wild who lived in Coatham Road and myself, Wendy Hall (nee Fiddler) second from the right on the back row. I also lived on Coatham Road.

Photo and information from Wendy Hall

Warrenby school 1950 ?

The photograph of of the four kids was taken at Warrenby School about 1950.
Those in the photograph left to right are:-
David Petch, 35 Brands Terrace,[Tod Point Road], Warrenby,
Ian Hall, 18 Teal Street, Warrenby,
Gordon Webster, Tod Point Road, Warrenby, [at the end of Teal Street]
John Wyman, 9 Teal Street, Warrenby.

Photograph and information from Ian Hall

"James Mackinlay". school

Bill Bradley of Warrenby on the right with Bobby Lownsbrough, they were studying at "James Mackinlay". school Redcar. during 1954.

You may visit Redcar Schools by clicking on the link

Warrenby school

An excellent picture of the school contributed
by P Bradley nee (Sexton).
you can see Patricia above in the school shop

White House school 1959

Another one for you Sheila;
We were known as "The Bumble Bees" because of our striped school blazers and woe betide we should meet any of the Warrenby boys when we were outside of school, they certainly teased us and any chance they got they would snatch our school straw hats and use them as Frisbees.

Photo taken in the grounds of White House School
Back row; ?, Kenneth Love, ?, ?, Jeffrey?, Ernest?, Eunice Hitchcock{Hitchcocks Removals}.
Middle Row; I can only identify the last two on the right, Nadine Metcalfe and myself Wendy Fiddler.
Front Row; Audrey Thompson, Valerie Bainbridge, Joan?, ?, ?, Christine Silman {Silman's Butchers} Our Teacher Miss Beryl E Escott {who was the Head mistresses daughter}, Pat Kirkup {Kirkup's Fruit Store} Pauline?, Josephine Sewell, ?, Catherine?, Veronica Berry
Regards Wendy Hall (Australia)

Re- Miss Escott! when her parents sold White House School they moved along with her brother Trevor to that large bungalow just down from Coatham Bridge (Red Bridge) the bungalow that backed onto the railway.

Photo and information from Wendy


White House School Kindergarten 1948/49

Remembering Yvonne Beattie? Here she is front row first on the left, she attended White House for about a year. Can't identify any of the back row, The Teacher on the left was I think Mrs Davidson, Middle row the little girl with the bow in her hair is Mildred Wild. On the front row Yvonne Beattie, ?, ?. Elizabeth?, Wendy Fiddler (the blond one), ?, ?, ?, ?. second from the end is June Morton. June's Uncle was Charles Amore who owned the Coatham Hotel. June, her parents and younger twin brothers lived opposite us in Arthur Street until about 1960. Every weekend a beautiful dark coloured Jaguar would pull up outside the Morton's driven by "Uncle Charles" , to take June to his estate in Normanby.
Wendy Hall (nee Fiddler)

late 1940s

Sylvia Carling
of Marina avenue
taken at Sacred Heart School
in the late 1940s

Sacred Heart 1955 -56


Front row:
Yvonne Shepherd,Ann Dowd,Joan Duffield,Margaret Nolan,Teresa Forsyth, Geraldine Smallwood,
Mr Moore,Maureen Kinson,Carol Ellerton,Pat
Tilley,Margaret Moon,Janet Bowman,Pauline Wilson.

Middle row:
Graham Marlow,Barry Stonehouse,Jim Tilley,Bernard Gibbin,Margaret Bice,Margaret McBride,Brenda Wright,Sheila White,Nora Byrne,John Gibbin,Keith Crook,Derek Skelton,Michael Scott.

Back row:
Mr Crossan,Eric Starsmore,Hugh Mallon, PeterBrown,Kenneth Bowman,Joe Harrison,
Brian Petrie,Keith Lantsberry,
Phillip Calvey,John Wallace.

photograph and information
courtesy of John Wallace


Alan Elliot, and Kenneth Read in front, with Elsa Storey,and Pamela Thirkettle behind, Photo and information from Ken Read

class 1951-52

Warrenby school, The names. Wow that's really going to take some remembering...But here goes.

The teacher is Miss Cowie,...The back row, from left to right, as you look at it.

Ian Read, Albert Bunn, Jimmy King.

Middle row.

Kenneth Read, Franklyn Rowe, Alan Elliot, Colin Allison, Dennis Lawton, John F. Whyman, Malcolm Read.

Front Row.

Margaret Webster, Patricia Sexton, Valerie Kent, Don't Know, Pamela Thirkettle, Pamela Leonard, Jean Knight, Gillian Minawl, Don't Know.

Photo and information from Ken Read


Ian Garrett taken at Warrenby school

Photograph courtesy of
Mary nee Thornhill

Alister Clements
son of Rita Warrior

Date ?

Warrenby school friends

Kathleen Bellerby, Marie, Olwyn and Janet

photo and information from Kath Bellerby

Date ??

Warrenby school pupils

BrianBellerby,Sandra,and Horienne ?

photo & information from Kath Bellerby

late 1940s

Pupils at James McKinley school

Back row left to right ?,?, Sid Bellerby,Malcolm Dale,

Photograph courtesy of Kath Bellerby

The Close family

The Close family of James Terrace, Warrenby,

Irene ,Joey,Trisha,Billy Linda & Tommy.


APPROX. 1952
Mrs.Creasor, Margaret Elliott, ?, Audrey Leonard, ?, Pat Healey, Stella Smith, Pauline Waugh, Marion Boswell, Marjorie Storey, ?, Miss Hudson

Sandra Briggs, Carole Thwaites, Hetty Petch, Pat Gilroy, Marjorie Wheeler, Sheila Mitchell?, Dorothy Briggs.

Kindly donated by Marjorie Rawnsley nee Storey

Warrenby school

This photo could be one of the last at the school before closing,
Helen Troup is third from left on the front row. May Troup is sixth from the left on the front row.

courtesy of Bill & Margaret Troup


St Josephs infant school


St Mary's junior school which replaced the school
at the back of the Sacred Heart church.

Sacred Heart school

The school replaced the Sacred Heart school which
was situated close to the Golf Club and Convalescent home

Warrenby 5

A lovely old school photo from the early 1900s


Carol and Wendy Miles taken at Warrenby school
courtesy of Carol [nee Miles]


Photograph courtesy of Carol [nee Miles]

On the school page 1954 class photo here are the names L-R Jill Storey, Jaqueline Patterson,Doreen Wood,Keith Knaggs, Johnny Ovens, Carol Miles, Pat Robinson, Madge Leonard, Pat Arbon,Trisha Sexton, Linda Close,Eileen Fitzgerald, Elsa Storey, Pam Leonard, Gillian Minall, Kath Bellerby, I don't think it would be a class photo as some girls are older than others may be it is a choir photo

information from Linda [nee Close]

Warrenby friends

Taken about 1954, Carol Miles,, with Jennifer Spence, Doreen Wood, and Patricia Sexton

Photo & information from Carol [nee Miles]

Warrenby school

top row
John Wyman, ,James Read, ,Dennis King ,Jimmy Thompson

middle row
Brian Ransome, , .Jinmy King, ?, Peter ? Joan Knight, ,Maureen Dunn, ,Pat Spence ,Carol Thwaites ,Victor Hall, Edward Robinson,?.
front row
Nancy ?, Pamela Thirkettle ?, Hetty Petch, Rita Smith, Wendy Miles, Beryl Minall
,Marlene Bunn, ,Eileen Hodgson, Patricia Close.

photo & information courtesy of Wendy Roberts


pupils Wendy Miles & Irene Knaggs
pictured at Warrenby school
courtesy of Wendy Roberts


White House Private School Coatham, class of 1959/60.contributed by Judith Graham nee Lister

on the front row 3rd from left is Barbara Revie.middle row 5th from left is Judith Lister of Marina avenue, The teacher was Mrs Lee Brook
the Headmistress at that time was Mrs Escott


Coatham Sec Modern school Kirkleatham Lane Redcar
photograph & information from Judith Graham nee Lister

left to right
Back row. ?,Dennis Lawson,?,?,?,Terry Fitzgerald,Dennis Richmond,Alan Moddiman,Colvin Taylor,

middle row.
?,?,Judith Lister,Jennifer Bainbridge,Elizabeth Baird,?,?,?,

front row
Maureen,Margaret Hogg,Diane Gilchrist,Linda Duckworth,?,Christine Darby,Susan Rowe,Cathrine Corrie,Jean Fox.


from the left Hilda Ditchburn, Jean, Derrick and George. Taken 1937-38 at Warrenby School.
Jean came home for me to be on the photo
Regards Derrick Ditchburn.


Back row boys; Louis Maidens, Peter Skelton, Brian Hockney, Chris Carroll, Barry Chester, Brian Morrison, Terry Hunt,

Middle row boys; Gerard Moyle, Gerald Hunt, Peter Mc Bride, Roddy Brown, Leo Coltman, Patrick Simpson, Arthur Bartlett, Peter O’Hara, David Petrie, Eddie McCormack.

Middle row girls; RitaKettlewell, Margaret Skelton, Sylvia Sandel, Pat Green, Margaret Whatley, Kathleen Beckett, Veronica Moran, Maureen Sampson, Joan Walshaw, Eileen McPartland, Sheila Hawcroft.

Front row girls; Kathleen Fitzgibbon, Kathleen Kelly, Olive Gibbon, Margaret Moore, Veronica Prentice, Marian Scott, Margaret Snowdon, Miss Ronchetti (teacher), Eileen Warrior, Elizabeth Coltman, Anne Kelly, Clare Toomey, Maureen O’Connor, Rosemary Reed.

The Photograph was taken at Sacred Heart School, Redcar. in 1945 when we were all about 7 years of age.
It is over 50 years since some of us have seen each other since leaving school.

Photograph & information
courtesy of Marian Broadley (nee Scott)
A Reunion message can be read on the topic Home & Away

James Mc Kinlay school

James Mc Kinlay

Dormanstown school class of 1949 - 50

> I am not a Warrenby lad myself I was born in Redcar but lived in > Dormanstown for a while, and went to school there. I have a photo from those school days from around 1949/50 and i wondered if it would contribute to your
> wonderful> web site, I am in the photo, however i cant remember all of the names,
> perhaps some of your readers could fill some of them in.
> Back row. Mr. Parrot, don't know, Colin Blackburn, Bill Canwell, Tosh Bavin, Bill Bushby,Don't know, Brian Hewitt, Don't Know, Eric Gates, Barry > Anderson,
> Next Row. Bob Robson, Alan Hebden, Don't know, B Milburn, Eileen Smith,
> Don't know, Pat Coats, Enid Dack, Don't know, Don't know, Malcolm Rojant,
> Bob Andrews,
> Next Row. Ivy Raison, Josy Caddy, Don't know, Pat Oysten, Margaret
> Halliday,
> Ethel Gates, C Ord, Sylvia Payne, Joan Bowes, Don't know, Margaret
> Jackson,
> Front Row. John Allenden, Lenny Calvert, Don't know, Don't know, Henry
> Coaker, Tony Jones, Ron Hall,Don't know,David Allenden, (and myself Charlie Arbon,)
> I hope some of your readers will find this photo interesting and that some> of them may be able to fill in the missing names.

Kind Regards Charlie Arbon