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The End of Warrenby

21 July 1966

The Beginning of The End


Thirty years on.
St Mary's church and Warrenby school
Courtesy of Wendy Hall (Australia)

moving on

Mr and Mrs Petch outside their home on Tod Point road

contributed by Bill Troup

Was this fate

Jim Murphy's home is struck by lightening.Jim is pictured with Bill Troup & friends

1969 to 1971

I am totally engrossed.
I lived in Warrenby for a very short but very memorable time in Wild Duck Street - the end house on the right looking down towards the railway lines. From 1969 to 1971. Our house had no electricity and no bathroom or indoor toilet.

My friends (I was around 10yrs) were Elaine and Tanya Walker who lived opposite.

The times there were memorable playing in old parked up trucks in the car park near the Warrenby Hotel and in the old church and school.

I remember not being able to talk about Scooby Doo at school as obviously we had no T V and having to listen to 'Sing something Simple' on the radio every Sunday evening.

The website and photos are fantastic.
I wanted to go the reunion but lost the date so will hopefully makes the next
Linda Dickinson (nee Carroll)