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Organisations for young people

1st Redcar Scouts

I have a feeling that they were the only open troop in the town. All the rest were associated with other organisations such as the second s were with Redcar parish church and the thirds were Coatham school etc. There were certainly many Roman Catholic boys as part of the troop.

Programme and information from Doug Kyle


Maurice Barker about 1915


Minnie Barker in uniform
outside her home on James Terrace

Girlguide 1920s

Dorothea Johnson

Meet The Gang

Attached is an extract from the 1st Redcar Scout Group's

"Meet The Gang" gang show which took place on the 12th - 16th April 1955 in the hall at Coatham School on Coatham Road - it is now known as the Coatham Memorial Hall.

The forward to the prog is from Ralph Reader himself !
cheers Doug

Gang Show 1955


The 1st Redcar Scout Group. which is the largest in the North Riding has a complement of 28 Cubs, 48 Scouts, 20 Seniors, and 19 Rovers.

All sections are fully represented on the stage in this show, apart from the Cubs who cannnnot appear due to age restrictions.
The group is a very active one having nine seniors and Rovers who have in the past four years gained their Queens Scout Badge.

In addition to this,there are at the present time six First Class Scouts in the group,four of whom hold the Scout Cord.
This show is the groups first attempt at a Gang show on a large scale,though a small one was held with a measure of success , in the group headquarters last year


Half a dozen members of the cast are from

the 3rd 4th and 5th Redcar troop are helping back stage,as call boys,stagehands,etc.Also the ushers and programme salesmen are members of the 3rd Redcar group.

Programme courtesy of Doug Kyle


In our new girl guide uniforms.From left to right-
Jean Knight, Linda Close, and Elsa Storey

Photo and information from Elsa Johnson

On the Coatham page there is picture of Church House where Jean, Elsa, and I went to Girl Guides we were members of the 8th Redcar troup

information from Linda Close

Ian Osbourn and Robert Thornhill

photo from Linda nee Close

Boys Brigade

Zetland Park Boys Brigade

Coatham C of E school

Andrew, Raymond & Stephen Green. of York road, Coatham.pictured in 1963.
courtesy of Cath Green


Boy Scout Frank Johnson
pictured early 1900s
Tricia Bradley