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Hugh & Lady Bell

Hugh and Lady Bell pictured in 1910
The 1881 Census below showing the family living in Coatham

Census Place: Kirkleatham, York, England

Thomas H. BELL M 37 M Walker On Tyne, Northumberland, England
Rel: Head Occ: J.P.Alderman Ironmaster
Florence W.E. BELL M 29 F France Rel: Wife
Gertrude M. BELL 12 F Washington, Durham, England
Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Hugh L. BELL 2 M Coatham, York, England Rel: Son
Florence E. BELL 1 F Coatham, York, Rel: Daur
Mary MITCHELL U 40 F Shoreham, Sussex, Rel: Servt
Occ: Upper Nurse Domestic Servt
Elizabeth L. SPAVEN U 33 F Thornton Le Play, York, England Rel: Servt Occ: Cook Domestic Servt
Margaret DUNN U 26 F Stamfordham, Northumberland, Rel: Servt Occ: Parlour Maid Domestic Servt
Mary Ann DUNN U 24 F Stamfordham, Northumberland, England Rel: Servt Occ: House Maid Domestic Servt
Agnes HOWARD U 20 F Scorton, York, Rel: Servt
Occ: Under Nurse Domestic Servt

Dwelling: Gardners Cottage
Census Place: Kirkleatham, York, England
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Aurther GILLINGHAM M 30 M Allweston Forest, Cumberland, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Gardener
Emily GILLINGHAM M 28 F Penford, Dorset, England
Rel: Wife

Gertrude Bell

Gertrude Bell (1868-1926) was born in Washington, in what was then Co. Durham, but, when she was very young, she moved with her family to Redcar. She was educated first of all at home, and then at school in London; finally, in a time when it was not at all usual for a woman to have a university education, she went to Oxford to read history, and, at the age of twenty and after only two years study, she left with a first-class degree. In the years immediately following, she spent time on the social round in London and Yorkshire, she travelled extensively in Europe, and visited Persia. Her travels continued with two round the world trips, in 1897-1898 and in 1902-1903. At about this time too, in the seasons1899-1904, her climbing exploits in the Alps earned her renown as a mountaineer.
But from the turn of the century onwards, her life was governed by a love of the Arab peoples, inspired, it seems, by a visit to friends in Jerusalem in 1899-1900. She learned their language, investigated their archaeological sites, and travelled deep into the desert, accompanied only by male guides. Her knowledge of the country and its tribes thereby gained made her a prime target for recruitment by British Intelligence during the First World War, later, as a Political Officer, and then as Oriental Secretary to the High Commissioner in Baghdad, she became a king-maker in the new state of Iraq, which she had helped to create. Her first love, however, was always for archaeology, and, as Honorary Director of Antiquities in Iraq, she established in Baghdad the Iraq Museum.

An Excerpt from an excellent project which you
will find by clicking on the link Gertrude Bell

L H Barker Mayor

Lance H. Barker
Mayor of Redcar 1966

The photograph contributed
to this site by Mrs Doreen Wright

Doreen was private secretary to
Mr Barker for twenty two years.
Grateful thanks to Doreen
for sharing this picture of
someone we fondly remember.

Sister Dora

A bronze statue of Sister Dora stands today in Walsall to the memory of Walsall's Good Samaritan, one of the first civilian nurses of the Victorian age. Dorothy Pattison was born in in lower Wensleydale and began her nursing training at North Ormesby hospital. She was associated with the Christ Church Sisters, an Anglican convent at Coatham, . known as Sister Dora she went to Walsall in 1865. Her dedication at the Pelsall Colliery disaster of 1872 and her willingness to nurse smallpox victims on her own in the Epidemic Hospital was a fine example to others. She helped to promote the status of nursing as a profession.

30-year career ends for ‘Super’

Feb 1994
30-year career ends for ‘Super’

WAKEFIELD’S police chief, Supt Ian Hall, is to retire next month after 30 years’ service.
Mr Hall joined the former West riding Police in 1964, serving in Harrogate as a beat bobby and in administration.
He moved to Garforth on his promotion to sergeant in 1971, working on patrol for five years.
When the Bradford and Leeds Forces amalgamated five years later to form the West Yorkshire Constabulary, Mr Hall was transferred to Gipton in Leeds and was soon moved to Castleford on his promotion to inspector.
After working as a patrol inspector at Castleford for more than two years, Mr Hall transferred to West Yorkshire Police’s Discipline and Complaints Department at the Wakefield headquarters.
Three years later, he moved to the Task Force, working on major crimes and public order incidents.
In 1985 Mr Hall was promoted to chief inspector, and moved to the headquarters inspectorate at Wakefield.
Two years later, he worked at Garforth for a short period before spending two years as chief inspector at Chapeltown in Leeds.
In 1990, he was promoted to superintendent, moving to Wakefield as the former Sub Divisional Commander.
Following a reorganisation of the West Yorkshire Force in January last year, Supt Hall became divisional commander responsible for the whole of the Wakefield, Normanton and Ossett area.
Mr Hall is married with two sons, David, 26, a police officer at Millgarth in Leeds, and John, 29, a prison officer at Armley Jail.
He lives in Garforth and plans to pursue his hobbies of travelling and collecting militaria on his retirement on February 14th, 1994.

Kindly transcribed by Wendy and contributed courtesy of Vic & Wendy Hall.

Ian & Vic Hall were formerly of Teal St. Warrenby

The 1st Marquess of Zetland 1910