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Dormans Warrenby Athletic Club

club lounge

among friends


among friends

1951 - 2


ladies night

girls night out.
left to right Mrs Sexton,Mrs malone, and Mrs Wyman

photograph from Mrs Bradley


Next door neighbours
on the left is Maurice Barker of 7 Teal st
& John Snowdon of 6 Teal street enjoying a pint

L to R Billy Astel, Jim Murphy, Jimmy Lloyd, Joey Close, Billy Wright, and Paddy Wright.
Photograph and information from Linda Close

The Meeting

Meeting in Warrenby club

L to R Ray Blackburn,Tommy Clark,Brian Bellerby,Blacky Seaton,Punter Gibbon,
Alan Thornhill,Alfi Postgate, Chuck Thornhill,
Jo McCormick and in the front Tony Wood.


Stan Webb,Bill Ward, & Lofty

picture taken in Warrenby club
kindly contributed by Mary Ward


Jimmy Mundy, Jimmy Leadbiter,John Thornhill, Brian Coates and Brian Bellerby


left to right

Peter Lawton,Mike Gardner, Ian Hall,Vic Hall, Dave Calvert, John Mc Bride and Malcolm Read.
meeting up for Vic Halls Stag Night
September 10 1965

centre is Grandad Charlie Close,
having a conversation with
on the left his son Joe
On the far right of the photo
is Mr Thomas

Phograph from Linda Close

Cheers !

Joe Close and Albert Lettin
drinking your good health

1950s ?

photograph shows Phil Hoy the daughter of the stewards of the club pos. 1950s
Photograph courtesy of Linda nee Close

Jack Lambert

Jack was Landlord of the club [what years]
pictured on the right, with Sid Smith & Brenda Mundy.

photo and information from Jack's daughter Kath


Sarah Barker celebrating her birthday with Family & friends. right to left Sarah cutting her birthday cake, Maurice Barker, Yvonne Barker, & Margaret Williams nee Snowdon.
photo from Colin Barker

Below left to right

Sarah's sister in law Mary Barker, Sarah Barker, Ann Ivison Sarah's daughter, and Betty Shippy Sarah's neice.

photo from Billy Barker


2nd left is Harry (Peck) Gibbon next to Peck is
Jim Ayres.

The Gibbon family would appreciate the names of other people you can identify
photo contributed by Margaret Cunningham nee Gibbon


Mick Parker,Tom Close,Les Shinner,& Archie Gibbon

photo from Margaret nee Gibbon