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Walking pictures

Edith Ayton on the right was born in Warrenby Edith is pictured shopping accompanied by her sister Victoria

A stroll into town

Grand fathers
Charles Burdett and Joe Gibson out for a walk

The family about 1927

Joe Gibson junior a Redcar butcher with his wife Ivy nee Burdett and their children

walking picture

George Thurwell of High st Coatham


George Thurwell out walking again
The station hotel is on the right of the picture
which shows the junction of Coatham road and station road

The Thurwells

Georges son Wilf with his wife Florence in town

late 1920s

Dorothea Johnson with her mother Monice of 10 Widgeon street out walking with their dog Vicky.


An early picture

open air swimming pool

Not many walking but certainly plenty of action

Post office 1800s

The post office in 1820 and below in 1860

Close family 1940s

Nell and Jo Close
with daughters
Trisha & Linda

Joe Close walking in Redcar high street,
recouperating after an accident at the works where he lost a thumb
photo and information from Linda Close


walking picture on the prom

Mrs Craggs walking in Redcar ( centre)
courtesy of Margaret Hatton


A lovely photo taken on Redcar High street
George Turner pictured on the left was my nannas brother, and the lady with him was his wife Dorothy. Their home address was Wilton Ave Dormanstown.
photograph & information
Courtesy of Sue Barker nee Lister.