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Working in Coatham


Lily Ann Atkinson and her sister Daisy Ellen of Sowerby, came at a very young age to work in one of these large houses on Coatham road,which later became the municiple buildings and more recently where Cherry Trees is located

The sisters were employed as, Lily Ann as head parlour maid and Daisy Ellen as a maid,

Their employers were Mr & Mrs Cochrane,
Owners of the Chochranes Iron works in Middlesbrough.
The sisters had only one day off per month, but found it sufficient as wages were very poor for domestics,
They were happy, and they had a very good relationship with the Chocerane family.
The girls stayed for many years which included the first world war years.

Daisy Ellen left the house in a horse drawn carriage to be married to a Redcar man Jack Thompson.
Lily Ann also left to be married in 1919

But the relationship with the Cocherane family lived on, they enjoyed a friendship that lasted through two generations.The families of both sisters have shared with me some lovely and unique stories.They had worked hard and been appreciated which was to be a good foundation for their future.

The Daisy Ellen

Daisy Ellen had a very hard working life ahead of her, being the wife of a fisherman, and mother of five children, and in very poor times.
Daisy Ellen apart from her hard working homelife became verger for Saint Peters church, and was a popular member of the community.
Revered by her family. They bestowed the honour of naming their pride and joy, their new fishing boat THE DAISY ELLEN

Daily Ellen Atkinson of Sowerby
in her young days working in Coatham

coming to place

Sally Marron left her home in Middlesbrough in the
1920s. Going away to place would be an enormous step as a young girl with so little time off and so little pay.Sally had two placements in Redcar one on Granville terrace for the Spencer family,and one on Coatham road where this photograph was taken, and where she met and married Maurice Barker in 1928.

Sally is on the left,and always refered to by her name Sarah, by the Warrenby people.

the family would love to know the identity of
her friend.
Sally's bridesmaid at her marriage was Mary Crow (could this be Mary)