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The wealthy

Respectable Coatham

Coatham had become the residential area for the merchants and industrialists of Middlesbrough amongst whom were to be found several iron-masters, ship-builders, iron-reflners, a brick manufacturer and the owner of a colliery. Thus established, the importance of Coatham and its residents increased steadily for the remainder of the nineteenth century.

Ladies mid 1930s

A group of ladies from the British Legion on Lobster road in Coatham

Buckenham the butcher

Buckenhams butchers on Coatham road

living in Coatham

Four very good reasons for coming to live in Coatham during March 1963 were our four children!
The Barker family of Marina avenue are Pictured here enjoying their first summer in Coatham.

left to right are ,Maureen,Ann, Paul & C0lin
courtesy of Colin & Sheila Barker

An early photograph in Coatham

Coatham roundabout 1950s

Your site brought back so many memories, thank you. I am enclosing some photos that I thought may be of interest to the site
First photo is of Coatham Road, taken from the roundabout, this photo was taken in the 1950's I lived at 232a Coatham Road, the one on the right of the house covered in ivy from 1949 to about 1955 and I attended Coatham C of E School for one year in 1954, Christina Bumby mentioned on the School photo was my best friend at that time. The rest of my school life was spent at White House School.
Photograph and information from Wendy Hall

Sacred Heart school

Sacred Heart school was situated next to the Convalescent home

Bathing pool & Convalescent Home

A lovely picture postcard
showing the Bathing pool and The Convalescent Home

and below
another treasure from 1916 depicts Caatham road
and Christ Church Coatham.
both pictures are courtesy of Ian & Glenda Hall


A piece of history

The Identity card belonged to Charles Fiddler of Coatham road
contributed to the site by his daughter Wendy Hall

Sir William Turners School

Church House

The building was opened in 1946, and used as a parish community centre

Coatham school

Coatham church school was built in 1865.

The school was situated on Coatham high treet,and served the community for more than a hundred years.

Coatham Marsh

Rocket Terrace

Rocket Terrace was the headquarters of the Rocket Bridge. Many lives at sea were saved by means of shooting a line, by rocket apparatus on a tripod, to ships in distress offshore.

Marina Avenue

The Windmill

This is of the old William Turners school, also shows Coatham Windmill which stood where the united Reform Church is now ,on Station road.
I well remember the foundations, and base of the Windmill, but not the mill it self,

Regards Stuart Haines


Coatham road and church in 1908

courtesy of Stuart Haines

Swimming baths

The swimming baths and open air swimming pool photograph courtesy of Joan Duckering

Amusement park,

Sandringham road amusement park,courtesy of Stuart Haines

Coatham road

Coatham road with Victory terrace on the right,
and Lobster road to the left,

The Convalescent Home facing the sea showing tents on the sands


Sir William Turners circa 1928
from Stuart Haines

Red Barnes circa 1928

The 1881 CENCUS showing the Bell family
in residence.
Census Place: Kirkleatham, York, England

Thomas H. BELL M 37 M Walker On Tyne, Northumberland, England
Rel: Head Occ: J.P.Alderman Ironmaster
Florence W.E. BELL M 29 F France Rel: Wife
Gertrude M. BELL 12 F Washington, Durham, England
Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Hugh L. BELL 2 M Coatham, York, England Rel: Son
Florence E. BELL 1 F Coatham, York, Rel: Daur
Mary MITCHELL U 40 F Shoreham, Sussex, Rel: Servt
Occ: Upper Nurse Domestic Servt
Elizabeth L. SPAVEN U 33 F Thornton Le Play, York, England Rel: Servt Occ: Cook Domestic Servt
Margaret DUNN U 26 F Stamfordham, Northumberland, Rel: Servt Occ: Parlour Maid Domestic Servt
Mary Ann DUNN U 24 F Stamfordham, Northumberland, England Rel: Servt Occ: House Maid Domestic Servt
Agnes HOWARD U 20 F Scorton, York, Rel: Servt
Occ: Under Nurse Domestic Servt

Dwelling: Gardners Cottage
Census Place: Kirkleatham, York, England
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Aurther GILLINGHAM M 30 M Allweston Forest, Cumberland, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Gardener
Emily GILLINGHAM M 28 F Penford, Dorset, England
Rel: Wife


Bathing machines at Coatham about 1880

contributed via Stuart Haines


Redcar skating Rink contributed by Stuart Haines

The Gables date?

The staff of the Gables including Winnie Gibbon,Freda Wilson,& Vi Whitham
courtesy of Margaret Cunningham nee Gibbon

Community Achievement Award 2000

Mrs Margaret Powlay of Coatham,was presented with this certificate in recognition of her hard work in the Community 15 December 2000