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Saint Mary's Church Warrenby

The Wesleyen chapel in Warrenby no longer in use was bought by Cannon Brunner of the Sacred Heart.

Saint Mary's church Warrenby opened in 1953 prior to the opening on Tod Point road members of the church had always had quite a walk to the Sacred Heart on Lobster road.
Sadly the church in Warrenby closed in 1978 as people were being rehoused and Warrenby itself was on the decline.
Monsignor Brunner of the Sacred Heart organised a bus for the few remaining parishioners

St Mary's first procession

A photograph of the first may procession held in warrenby in May 1957...the names on the picture from left to right are....

Kath Malone; Ceceilia Caddy; Micheal Barras; ? , Kath Smith; Dot Wells; Unknown; Pat Smith; Judith Landimore; Ann Barker; Pauline Caddy; Sheila O'Connor; Maureen Pybus

Photograph and information by Kath Beckett

Procession passing the village post office


Cushion bearer

David Barker

May procession

The younger children back in church for the crowning ceremony

The may queen is Kath Malone L to R. ?, David Barker, Jennifer Henderson.
Front L to R Susan & Steven English (twins) Christine Hall, ?, Pauline Caddy.

Smiling for the camera

included in this lovely group are
Pat Barker, Ann Barker,Betty Barker, Maureen Pybus.


Christine Hall is the little girl on the right of this lovely photograph
courtesy of her sister in law Wendy Hall

Kath Lambert names the other two children as
twins Susan & Stephen English

May procession

Christine Hall Pictured in a later procession Christine is the first girl on the picture her Mum Gertrude Hall (nee Ward) is the lady behind her holding another little girls hand.

Photo and information from Wendy Hall

Leading the procession

Priests taking part.
front -Father Tom O Connell.
centre - Canon William Brunner.
Back - Father Anthony Barry

photograph & information courtesy of Jim White

May Queen Patricia 1958

cushion bearer is Eileen McCormick ,
May Queen is Pat Smith , the three boys are David Barker , Micheal Barras and the one in front is Michael O'Conner.


Patricia performs
the crowning ceremony.

1958 group

back row left to right
kath Malone, kath Smith, Pat McCormick,
Dot wells, Pat Smith, Barras brothers, les Mcbride, John barker.
second row
2 boys unknown, Pauline Caddy, unknown, unknown, Ann Barras, Josephine McCormick, Eileen McCormick the rest are unknown
front row 2nd right Christine Hall

St Mary's Church Records

Warrenby, St Mary’s Chapel of Ease: Notice Book Entries

12.12.54 There will be a choir practice this afternoon at three o’clock. All able to sing,especially children, are expected to attend.

03.04.55 66 (Mass attendance)

10.04.55 105 (Easter Mass attendance)

24.04.55 Jumble Sale 13.10.3 11.09.55 Bring and Buy £15
Bazaar Meeting Tues at 7

23.10.55 Choir Practice Tomorrow

27.11.55 Mrs McConnell’s Whist Drive in Lobster Road Wednesday Evening?

25.03.56 Choir Practice 5.0

02.04.56 Choosing the May Queen after Mass this morning

27.01.57 Choir Practice Monday 7.0

17.02.57 Rosary 56 Todd Pt Rd

28.04.57 Tuesday 6.45 Practice for all children

23.06.57 (Bus to go to Corpus Christi Procession in M’Bro leaves) 1.30 here

07.07.57 Choir Wed 7

11.08.57 Candles for next Sunday

17.11.57 Choir tonight 6.0
Wednesday 7,0

15.12.57 Choir 6.0 tonight
Wednesday 7 p.m.

(21.12.58 Sacred Heart Notice Book – Midnight Mass in St Mary’s)

29.03.59 66 (Mass attendance)

03.05.59 Procession – all children at 6.p.m. Wednesday

10.05.59 Procession 3 p.m. today

30.08.59 Men’s Conf

13.09.59 Housey-Housey 8 p.m. Friday Night

20.09.59 Sr Joanna

28.02.60 Men’s Conf

24.04.60 H.C. for Men’s Confraternity next Sunday

22.05.60 Procession this afternoon at Warrenby 3 o’clock

05.06.60 Next Sunday – Women’s Confraternity

12.03.61 44 (Mass attendance)

01.10.61 Next Week – women’s Communion Sunday


The1957 procession passing Hugh Bell cottages included in the picture are front.
cushion bearer Betty Barker
Monsignor Brunner, Fr Beastey,
Fr. O Connell,Freda Lloyd .

photograph and information courtesy of
Freda Anderson nee Lloyd


The May Queen Maureen Pybus, in attendance are Left to Right Dont know, David Barker, Pauline Caddy and Ann Barrass.



Children representing Saint Mary's Warrenby at the Corpus Christi procession at the Cathedral Middlesbrough
photograph from Pat English








on the left is Christine Hall pictured with,Stephen and Susan English
courtesy of Pat English


Children representing Saint Mary's Warrenby at the Corpus Christi procession at the Cathedral Middlesbrough
pphotograph courtesy of Pat English


please can you provide names for anyone on the photographs