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The way we were


Billy Bage and his sister Edna near the army barracks which was across the road from their James Terrace home.

Sisters on the sands

Alice Barker on the right with sister Minnie
after a swim early 1920s

Bage children

Billy and Edna with younger brother and sister Alice and Dennis. about 1940


Summer days after school were nearly always spent on the sands at Warrenby.

Here we have from the left Betty Barker,Ann Barker and ?
in front Maureen Shippey. and John Barker.

down hill

Driver Charlie Thornhill , Eric Bage and Brian Barker pillion, about 1950

Big Lad

Big lad Bill Bradley with his stepbrother Stuart
Bill was brought up by his grandparents Annie & Pop Ward of 25 Tod Point road Warrenby
Bill married Patricia Sexton of 10 Widgeon street in July 1968

photo and information from Tricia Bradley.


Cecil Gibson a handsome little boy with his handsome dog on the sands

Cecil son of Joe and Ivy Gibson nee Burdett

sunny days 1940s

enjoying the sunshine
Freda Wild, Aileen Livingston,
the little girl in the front is Patricia Sexton

Warrenby beach

A happy crowd of Warrenby residents on the beach.

right to left.

Betty Boswell,Dorothea Sexton,Francess Dargen,
Patricia Sexton,Tommy Sexton jnr.,and Andrew & Christopher Dargen.

Teal street back alley

A photo taken about 1953 in Teal & Coney street back alley are Betty & Ann Barker, with young brothers David & John.

top of the pile

Jessie Digory and Beatrice Johnson

meeting friends

Sheila Bage, sister Joan Bage, Richard Smith dont know who the babies are but if any one can tell us we would be grateful

kath beckett nee Smith

who's baby

are you


The photo was taken
at Paddy's Hole in 1947
Gertie Hall (nee Ward)
anyone any idea's who
the little blond guy is?
Other two are Gertie's son's
Vic jnr, and Ian Hall

Regards Wendy

Irene Close and Billy Troop


Nell Close,Trisha Close,
Marion Boswell,Robert Thornhill,
and Linda Close,
pictured at Coatham church

Betty Boswell,
Linda Close,
Robert Thornhill,
& Mary Kirby


sister & brother Irene & Joe Close getting around in Warrenby.

courtesy of Linda

Mary Ward
nee Thornhill
and Graham Ward

Chuck Thornhill

contributed by his daughter Mary Ward


The Bellerby family

Robert Thornhill
Henry Gibbon

Rex Warrior and John Thornhill

photo from Rex Warrior

We 3

Jimmy Thompson, Tommy Gibbon, and Rex Warrior

Jacko, Rex Warrior, John Thornhill,, and Brian Bellerby.

Photo from Rex Warrior


Vic Hall jnr,
photo taken at
18 Teale Street,
Warrenby in 1962.
photo & information
from Wendy Hall

neighbours 1940s

left to right back row
Nell Close,Linda Snowdon,
Elsie Granger,
in front
Linda Close& Robert Thornhill.


my grand mother
Hilda Whitehead,
and my mother Rita.
photo & information
from Stuart Haines

A lovely photo of Mrs Petch and below husband Stan in their home on Tod Point Road

contributed by Bill Troup

Walking the pipe

At low tide a favourite pastime was Walking the pipe,looking at the marine life for example small crabs and starfish etc.
The Pipe was an old sewerage pipe encased in concrete

Young Billy

My uncle Billy Holme's with his air rifle in his back yard at Coney Street aged 10!!!!
There would be an outcry today if we let 10 year olds play with weapons.It was his he bought it too!!
Graham Holme's

Happy days

George Ditchburn with Bertha and Eva

the way we were

The Close family courtesy of Linda


Teresa O'Conner & Nellie Swan Teal street alley

faces from the past

Henry Gibbon aged 18 months on Warrenby sands being looked after by Nancy Watts nee Bell


Henry Gibbon & Tony Lloyd on Warrenby sands


Pictured on the doorstep of their Warrenby home

Steve, Olwen & Tony Lloyd with Henry Gibbon behind


On the back doorstep of 18 Coney street
is Joyce Gibbon aged 8 years.


Three smiling faces
Olwen Steve & Tony Lloyd


A lovely Grandma Winnie Gibbon, pictured with her grandchildren on Warrenby sands.
Olwen, Stephen, & Tony Lloyd. with a little Warenby friend ?

Olwen & Tony Lloyd on the beach


pictured in Plover street back ally 1935/36
Margaret Gibbon,with Sheila Graham sitting on the chair, and Joyce Gibbon standing at the right.

Mrs Gibbon on the doorstep of her home at 18 Coney street

Teal st

Standing David Lambert,
front left to right Ian Garret,Graham Reed,& Colin Osborne, pictured in Teal street.

Picured in Teal street
Margaret Walker & Paul Lambert


The Mc carthy family
of 17 Teal street

Kathleen. Veronica, and Peter
photo from Kath Minnery


Barbara Mc Nulty nee Mc Carthy pictured with her daughter