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People of Coatham


Mr Lister & Mrs Mary(Polly) Lister of 21 Marina avenue Coatham

with grandaughter Judith of 27 Marina avenue

Our Gang

Written on the back of the photograph (OurGang.)
included in the photograph are
Dorothy Leng,Doreen Thurwell,
Edna Johnston,May Sturman,
Muriel Johnston,Ida wilson,
? Robertson.

The sands 1920s

Doreen Thurwell in front of her brother Sonny
and a young lady named Greta


The Fiddler family of 232a Coatham Road.

Father Charles W & mother Ethel D.Fiddler (nee Gallacher)

pictured with their with their young daughters Cynthia and Wendy, approx. 1950

photograph and information courtesy of Wendy Hall

The Thurwells 1929

Wilf & Florrie of Coatham High streeet with their children Sonny & Doreen

Young Wilf

Wilf Thurwell lived all his life on Coatham high street, after his marriage he only moved to the cottage next door to his parents

The Temke family about 1907

The Temke family home was 14 Warrenby road Coatham, Mrs Temke had the adjoining property which was situated on the corner of Warrenby road and Rocket terrace which she ran as an overnight
stay for travellers, of which there were very many coming into the area to find work in the iron works.

The following is an interesting contribution from Allan Temke

The Temke Family
The family photograph shown is of my Grandparents and six of their children
(Grandma may have been pregnant with her seventh child).
The family is particularly interesting because Eliza was in her second marriage being the widow of Thomas Bushell Warren to whom she had four children namely, Frank, Harry, Edward and Dora Warren. Surprisingly enough Thomas Bushell Warren
was also on his second marriage and, in turn, Eliza's second husband was on his second marriage!!!
His name was Carl Albert George Temke.
Others in the photograph are Amelia (Mealie) standing centre back, Carl Albert George (Chippy) seated cross-legged left,John standing centre front, Melita (Letha) kneeling centre front, Billy in his mother's arms and Helen (Nelly) in her father's arms.
They lived on the corner from No. 3 Rocket terrace round to 14 York Terrace (Warrenby Road).
This large complex included a men's lodging house that was used by itinerant labourers.
My Grandfather was German and he was interned during the first World War, this despite the fact that his stepsons were all on active service, Harry eventually dying quite young from the effects of gas and another son Carl (my father) serving in France at the age of 16.
I am anxious to find out more about my Grandparents and would welcome any information, recognising that it is a very long time ago.
Allan Temke


Baby Judith Lister with her Father J Julian Lister and grandparents Les and Edith Bryant pictured in the gerden of 27 Marina avenue.

York Terrace 1881

1 York Ter
John WHITEHEAD M 34 M Stockton, Durham, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Bricklayer

3 York Ter

William COLLINS M 32 M Melroy Co Donegall
Rel: Head
Occ: Coast Guard Service S (R N)

John NASH M 29 M Twickingham
Rel: Head
Occ: Bricklayers Laborer

William WHITE M 40 M Padstow, Cornwall, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Chief Boatman Coast Guard S (R N)

6 York Ter

Edward CARPENTER M 30 M Wisboro Green, Sussex, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Boatman HM Coast Guard

8 York Ter

Wright CROSSLAND M 37 M Glossop, Derby, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Engine Man At Blast Furnace

Redcar Ceremony

Mr S. J. Hobbs chief clerk, welding department, Redcar works, was presented with a silver tea service to mark his retirement after 50 years service at Redcar works, by Mr H. M. Thomson, department manager on behalf of his colleagues. Mr Hobbs who in 50 years only missed two days off work, began as a stores assistant at the blastfurnace department in 1919, and joined the clerical staff five years later. Between 1931 when he was transferred to the steelworks traffic office and 1958 when he joined the welding department, he served in the cost department and for further periods at the blastfurnaces. He has been a member of Coatham Parish Church choir for 47 years, and is a member of the works ambulance crops.

an article from The Steel News Feb 1970

Jack Hobbs lived at 26 Marina Avenue Coatham.


Neighbours calling in at 1 Marina avenue to say congratulations on our Silver Wedding Anniversary in 1980
from the left,
Colin Barker, Betty Lister, Sheila Barker & Laura Forster


Maurice Green of York Road contemplating his next move against his young grandson Jamie.
photo from Cath Green

Nicky ( Barker)

Even Nicky loved living at the seaside and went swimming every day after his tit bits from his friends on the caravan site'


Colin ,Ann ,& Paul Barker playing in the garden of 1 Marina avenue Coatham the stable on Rocket terrace in the back ground


Taken on Coatham sands Maureen Barker of I Marina avenue showing her Dad Colin the way home.


Colin & Ann Barker visiting the Nash family at 34 Coatham High street


Ann Barker in the garden of her home 1 Marina avenue Coatham showing Rocket Terrace and Coatham High street West


Maureen Barker arriving home by pony express

Halcyon days

Pictured in the 1960s these young swimmers lived in Marina avenue, although the photos are of poor quality, they will bring back very happy memories

left to right front row
Colin & Paul Barker,James Eaton,Ann Marie Sharp.
behind left to right Maureen Barker,Kay Eaton,& Ann Barker

1969 - 70

Maureen Barker setting off from her Marina avenue home in the snow, one Sunday evening about 1969
for her confirmation at Sacred Heart church on Lobster road,

A cold Monday morning and the boys set off to do their paper rounds


In 1965 Ron & Jeanne Mathews of 5 Marina avenue left to live in Warkworth.
Jeanne was popular in Coatham, as she was the Avon lady, which she took very seriously, and won numerous awards for her dedication.
The couple were fond of the children in the avenue, and gathered them together for this photo the day they were leaving.
at the front is Gail Moutrey behind Gail is Maureen Barker & Adele Anderson, with Colin ,Ann & Paul Barker behind, pictured at the front of The Andersons home number 23 Marina ave

Colin Barker with his daughters Maureen & Ann

Pictured in the garden Colin Barker rolling the lawn at I Marina ave. In the background the demolition of Barkers farm is taking place, the remains of the old barn can be seen, and the lovely views we had enjoyed were soon to be gone forever.


Colin Barker with his daughter Maureen


Ann Barker making sure young John Eaton doesn't get out of his depth