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Coatham Convalescent Home

THE Reverend John Postlethwaite.
first vicar of Christ Church,Coatham. 1854 - 1863
Bought a piece of land on which he built and furnished, The Convalescent home.
The Home was opened on 22nd May. 1861.

The Convalescent Home owed its existence to the Rev John Postlethwaite Vicar of Christ Church, Coatham 1854-1863.
The Home was established in 1861 built in the
Gothic style from a design by Mr. Robson of Darlington, in 1869 an additional wing was added. The Chapel designed by the late Mr. J.E. Street, R.A. was built in the grounds an opened in 1881.
An excerpt from a book written by Alfred Baldwin

The Chapel

A photograph showing the interior of the chapel at Coatham Convalescent home.
photograph courtesy of Ian Hall.

The corridor

A glimps along the corridor in the home.
courtesy of Stuart Haines

The Mens dining room

picture of the mens dining room in 1932
courtesy of Stuart Haines

Womens Glass Courtyard

photograph contributed by Stuart Haines

This beautiful picture showing ladies sitting in the glass courtyard, and the lovely rocking horse on the right

from Stuart Haines

25 September 1873

The Cleveland Journal and South Durham Advertiser
Tuesday 25 September 1873.

Redcar and Coatham
The sisters in charge of the Seaside Home for sick Children,Coatham,

Acknowledge with thanks the following gifts

:-A Concertina, from Mrs Clement Smith.
: A mounted Scripture print from A friend.
:A high chair for children from Miss Hill.
: Six chairs from Miss Backhouse Cowley St John.

Convalescent Home.

pictured at the convalescent home. middle row on the left, is Alma Ash ( who married Robert William Ayton (Rob) at St Mathew's, Grangetown in 1945. The photo was taken during the war years, Alma was a helper/ (auxiliary, at the home.

courtesy of George Ayton