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Highdays & Holidays

From Coatham

A group of people off for a day trip leaving Coatham High street.
In away days Coatham,I recognised three ladies on the left side of the group all from Marina Avenue.
Mrs Gerard(mother of Mrs. Sylvia Drury who lived opposite her at no 5),a neighbour of Mrs Gerard a Miss Moir, and a Mrs Dawkins(mother in law of of my aunt Mary Dawkins nee Lloyd).
Mrs Nash is stood next to her own mother,the gentleman with the white moustache is Mr Roberts who lived in a little cottage opposite Nash`s shop,he was the father of Mrs Catchpole who lived at no 8 Marina Ave.
information from Sylvia Carling.
also on the right wearing a beret is mrs Pierson of 3 Marina ave,and Mr Lister snr of 21 Marina ave.

Scarborough 1957

Colin & Maurice Barker away for the day
with their sons and name sakes.

Dormans Warrenby athletic club

Wonder where all these lucky people were going

included in the photograph are:
Mrs Wheeler & daughters Margaret, Martha and Mary.
Grandma Lloyd, Mrs Lloyd and children Jim and Freda.
Mr Bishop.
Mrs Oliver with Betty and Mary.
Mrs Spence with Dulcia and Ivy.
Mrs Phillips and Dick.
Mrs Leath.
Brenda Maltby,&
Mr and Mrs Readman Paul and Sheila.

Dear Sheila and Colin,

Please find enclosed the following names to add to your list on the away day photo on which my wife is depicted, along with her mother and sister.

Keith Readman,Olga Readman,Iris Sorrell and her sister and Lucy Harrington.

The site brings back many happy memories of her childhood, to Dulcie.

Many thanks from Dulcie Teece (nee Spence)and husband Ron.


Bill & Katy Barker 0n the left with friends on a trip to see the illuminations about 1950


Jack & Mary Ward
of Wild Duck street Warrenby.
having a day out in Whitby.
in summer of 1930

Whitby 1930

Mother & Daughter
Mary & Gertie Ward
enjoying a picnic.

A day out in Yarm

members of the Burdett family included


The photograph is taken outside the catholic church in Scunthorpe in the 1950s

left to right.

Frank Allen, Alice Allen nee Barker.Bertha Northall nee Barker.
Sarah Barker nee Marron & Maurice Barker.

Bill Northall is taking the photo

To the seaside

The Richardson family from Middlesbrough enjoying a day at at the seaside.
Left to right Agnes Mullen nee Richardson with daughter Janet,Grandma Richardson with grandson John Richardson,Winnie Mc Connell nee Richardson,and daughter Jenifer,and Nora Richardson with daughter Winnie.
photo courtesy of John Richardson

These welcome visitors above were the close Family of Sarah Barker of Warrenby, being her aunt and cousins

A boat trip

Don't they look relaxed front left is Alice Bage

going to Saltburn

This Photo
Was taken on an Easter Sunday outing to Saltburn in all our new clothes from back to front; Annie Leith, next row Maureen Gibbon,
Kathleen Knaggs, bottom row just in shot Tom Gibbon , Margaret Elliot ,and Kathleen Gibbon , Audrey Leonard

Photo and information courtesy of Kath Cowell nee Gibbon.


lovely old photograph
of George Thurwell
of Coatham high street
away in Scarborough

Senior persons

Wilf Thurwell on the right enjoying a day out with
possibly Coatham pensioners, as they are all very well known faces,

Devon 1950

Bill & Annie Ward of 25 Tod Point road
on holiday in Devon

ladies only

Left to right Mrs Spence Mrs Thwaites, Mrs Malone,and Mrs Troup, ?


Freda & Andy Wilson enjoying their holiday at Butlins about 1950

Holidays 1950s

Freda Wilson nee Burdett in the centre front among a happy crowd.

Wilf & Florrie Thurwell
on holiday in the 1920s


Ted Wells on holidiay
in Scarbrough
Ted & his wife Lil
lived on Tod Point road,

Ladies outing

Mrs Bage
with daughter Edna,
sister Minnie Garn,
and friend
heading for the coach.

The day trip


The Good old Days at Butlins, Filey...about 1961.
left to right;
Vic Hall, Peter Lawton, Allan Taylor, and Denis Lawton,
Regards from Wendy & Vic Hall

Coatham to Lands end

Wendy Hall (nee Fiddler) with Mum and Dad, Ethel & Charlie Fiddler, at Land's End 1962

Men on the Moors

L - R
John Snowdon, ?,
Blackie Seaton, ?,
and Michael Murphy.

friends day out

Bertha Lettin,Annie Malone,Lizzie Murphy,and Mrs Smallwood

Making memories

Making Memories are ?, ?, ?Freda whiles, ? ,violet Whittam,Mary Thornhill, ? ,? ,

in front -Betty Boswell, ?, Want, Gertie Ward, Nell Close, ?, Ronnie Boswell, ?,

Information from Linda nee Close


lads enjoying a holiday at Butlins

photo from Kath Bellerby

Lands End

Two Warrenby girls
Linda Close. and Marion Boswell,
at Lands End

photograph contributed by Linda

left to right

Nell Close,Olive Upton,Betty Boswell,Mrs Webster
photo & information from Linda Close

away where

Marion Boswell, David Lawson, Tommy Close, Robert Thornhill,Nell Close, Elsie Granger, Nellie Swan,
Front Linda Close,
information from Linda


Linda and Trisha Close at the breakwater, not very far from home.


A trip to Blackpool in 1955, apparently Gran Bage used to organise these trips through some sort of cafe club she used to run.
Top right to bottom left the characters are:
Blanche Wyman, Joan Bage, Mrs Wyman (Mum says they lived near
the school in Warrenby,) a Mrs Wyman from Dormanstown, Elsie Thomas from Warrenby, Mrs Lawton from Tod Point Road, Mrs English from Coney Street and Mrs Rudd from Coney Street.

photograph and information from Len Moscrop

Dr Doolittle

The Marina avenue Barkers on holiday in Blackpool 1968
FRONT, Colin Barker senior,Paul, & Colin

behind are Maureen, Ann & Sheila

Mock wedding

A Mock Wedding in Gretna Green 1980

Bride & Groom were Sheila & Colin Barker of Marina Ave, Paul & Sue Barker were among the guests who were all on a trip with Bee Line coaches


Certificate of marriage of Colin & Sheila Barker dated 22 July 1980
witnessed by Lenora Lewis of West Dyke Road Redcar, and Robert Walker of Whorton street North Skelton, and Stewart Prest of Gretna Hall,
Colin and I made a quick exit as my father was holding a shot gun, Sheila

Filey 1961

The Warrenby boys Hit Butlins, Filey 1961

Back Row; Peter Lawton, Denis Lawton, Allan Taylor
2nd row; Keith Knaggs, Vic Hall,John McBride, Ian Hall, John Wyeman.
3rd row; Terry Addison, 'May be' Rex Warrior?, ?
Front Row; John F.Wyeman, Keith Melling, ?.

Photo & information from Wendy Hall

Mrs Landymore
Bertha Lettin
away days


Albert & Alvina Ward
away for the day
photograph & information
from Wendy Hall


Colin & Sheila Barker in The Rovers Return

1936 - 39

A picture taken of a Warrenby Club Day outing group before setting off.

The Known Names are B/R ,L/R/ X X X Dick Phillips,X Mrs Ditchburn,Mr Ditchburn, Mrs Munday,Mr Murphy ,Mr Seaton.

Middle Row L/R Mr McCormack, Mr Whitehead, Mrs Whitehead X Mr Armitage on his Knee Brian Ditchburn,Mr Bunn XX

Front Row XXX Mrs Phillips, Mrs Digory X Mrs Caddy, X Mr Caddy Mrs Seaton, McIntyre ? McCormack X Mr Thornhill.

photo and information
contributed by Jim Murphy [via Stuart Haines]

Gentlemens outing

George Ditchburn on the left
photo from Alan Ditchburn

The Weekly News

The picture includes Jim Murphy of Warrenby,
shown in the 1st edition of the Weekly News Dec 3rd 1950

courtesy of Jim Murphy junior.

Away days

George Ditchburn is 3rd from the right

from Alan Ditchburn

1950s ?

Mr & Mrs Troup in Scarborough
courtesy of Bill Troup

where & when

Mrs Troup 2nd right with ???

photo from Bill Troup

young friends

Robert Thornhill, with ?

maybe Colin and Ian Osborn ?

In the sun

Alan Clark & Jack Alison on holiday searching for the sun, Alan would always get his share, as he was groundsman at Cleveland Golf club.


A Trip to Whitby with Dorman Long Club
Bob Miles (my dad), Michael Dorrington
(lounging on back), Mrs Dorrington, my sister Felicity,my mum Em Miles at rear with Hazel
Thomas just behind me & sister Carol -and Spot the dog.
Courtesy of Wendy Roberts nee Miles

Same trip- Carol, Em Miles, Mrs Dorrington and ?
Photo and information from Wendy Roberts


A Race at the same trip, Carol Miles at the front
sister Wendy in the middle



Warrenby Club Members away for the day any information would be welcome
courtesy of Irene nee Close [France]


Sheila Caddy with her parents French & Flo Caddy


Taken Whit Sunday 1957, West Dyke Road, after the Races....... note the old wooded bridge over the Railway lines, how many of us played 'Dare' on that bridge, running over just as the old steam trains went underneath, smoke used to pour up through the gaps in the wooden bridge floor.
The crowds of people to be seen along West Dyke Road, before and after the races was amazing.
courtesy of Wendy Hall

This photo below taken facing west, was taken from the window of the Fish and Chip shop in West Dyke Road.


photo taken on the Race Course,
in the back ground on the left you can see the old Ivy clad stables. The Gas Works held their Annual Sports Day every year on the Race course until about 1960. My father, Charlie Fiddler, is the chap in the white shirt, Gas Works Foreman, he always won the Tug of War at the sports day each year.
photo & information from Wendy Hall

1960s ?

L to R back row Henry Gibbon, Raymond Graham, John Briggs ? Sep Robinson.
Front L to R ?, Jock Dixon,Frank Lannaway twin Becket Heaney, John Wyhman

information from Linda Close.

Keith Milburn recognised some more faces


Pat Henderson nee Gibbon late of Warrenby pictured in Saltburn while on a visit, from her home in America

photo & information from Joyce nee Gibbon


Family away for the day at Shotten Comrades club
Mary Thornhill Joey Close with the carrier bag
and Robert Thornhill

note the Maypole carrier bag!
Information from Linda Close A Maypole girl who can be seen on the topic Serving the community

Torquay 1974

Friends & neighbours Susan Alison on the left with Ann Barker both of Marina avenue,Coatham. enjoying a holiday in Torquay in 1974

London 1996

Colin Barker with his sisters Betty & Ann


Colin & Sheila Barker in London


This picture was taken at Selsey,Sussex near Worthing we wre on holiday there, Denis and Sheila Bage are qn the left of the photo.

courtesy of Stuart Haines

Warrenby outing

The names of some of the people on the above trip circa 1954? Billy Barker, Archie Gibbon, Betty Barker,Minnie Garn,Frank Pattison, Evelyn Garn, Maurice Barker, Dot Wells, Brian Fleming,Billy Wells, Charlie Wells,Ann Allan(nee Bradley)

Information courtesy of Ann Allan.