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Faces from the past

Grandad Fox 1920s

William Fox in the background
grandaughter Alice Barker is on the right.


Mary Lloyd Dawkins aged 21 years

Bill & Agnes Bage
of James terrace Warrenby

Sarah Barker 1953

down our alley early 1950s

included in this picture are left to right
back row
Dotothy & Carole Thwaites,Dot Sexton,Barbara Thwaites,Patricia Sexton,
George Thwaites,Colin Mead,

front row left to right
Andrew & Christopher Dargen, Tommy Sexton and ?.
and David?

Warrenby boys 1963

'The Warrenby Boys', taken on 23rd March,1963 at the Zetland Hotel; front row; David Petch, Ian Hall, next to Ian squashed in the middle is Denis Lawton, then Stewart Robinson, don't know who the chap with the striped tie in the front row is however next to him with his hand on that chaps shoulder is Peter Lawton.
Back Row directly behind Ian Hall is my husband Vic Hall with Loll Gibbons hand on his head.
Regards Vic & Wendy Hall

and as you can imagine Ian has his own memories of that night
Ian Hall's stag night 1963. Back row standing, Colin Mapp [Redcar] John Thomas [Redcar] Vic Hall, Tommy Gibbon, Sep Robinson, Rex Warrior, Unknown [Redcar] Unknown [Redcar]
Seated - David Petch, Ian Hall, Denis Lawton, Joe?, Stuart Robertson, Allan Taylor [Redcar] Jimmy Thompson, and Peter Lawton.


group photograph

the first lady I don't know, then Mrs English, Coney Street, Sarah Jane Ward, Coney Street, Audrey Lambert [nee English], centre Ian Hall, baby David Lambert, and his sister Kathleen Lambert

photo and information from Ian Hall


This is a photo of
Nell Close and Mrs Grainger,
of Tod Point Road,
holding Christine Hall,
of 18 Teal
photo and information
from Ian Hall


Frank Johnson 2nd left can anyone name Franks friends

Charles Burdett

photo courtesy of Norma wilson

Good Pals

Gerard Milburn on the left with Pal Bill Bradley


Kenneth and Cecil Jones

Ben & Maggie Ayton

This is my father's eldest sibling Benjamin Ayton who was born at Rocket Terrace, Coatham.
Uncle Ben was a milkman until WWII when he moved into the works, I'm sure it was at Warrenby,
He married Maggie Thomas of Pochin Road Grangetown and they had two daughters Enid and Olwyn, Ben the milkman can be seen on
(Serving the community)
Photos & information courtesy of George Ayton

Michael & Alice Murphy

The photo taken in the back yard of their home
6 Teal street, Warrenby

Margaret Beatrice Murphy

photograph taken early 1940s

standing on the step

Great Granma Buxton standing on the step.
which was a favourite pastime in the old days in the terrace houses,
A breath of fresh air, and to pass rhe time of day with neighbours going by.

Three Gentlemen

left ? ?
centre Michael Murphy
right John Snowdon


Peter Snowdon and Angela, dated about 1949

taken about 1953

Margaret Snowdon,
and Linda Snowdon


Frank Snowdon,
Patrica Snowdon and
John Snowdon
pictured about 1961


From left to right :-

Jill, Marjorie and Elsa Storey.

Taken in 1953 in the back yard
at 15, Partridge St.,
where we were all born.

Phoograph and information
by Elsa Johnson


Trio, from Wild Duck St.left to right,
Walter Rowe, Archie Powell,& Tom Walton

58 James Terrace

Photograph taken about 1954
pictured are left Rita Haines nee Whitehead, Valerie Whitehead and Stuart Haines

Photograph and information
courtesy of Stuart Haines

Haines family

The picture attached is a family shot taken about 1965
pictured back row left to right
Barry Haines (Grand mother )Hilda Whitehead,Guy Haines
Front row Adele Haines, Wendy Haines Shirley Haines (Guy's Wife) Rita Haines Stuart Haines.
Photograph and information
from Stuart Haines

A get together

Marion Boswell,Nell Close, ? ?

On the right wearing a tie is Gertrude Hall
finding it amusing is Betty Boswell

Granny Thornhill

Mrs Thornhill was caretaker for St Andrews Church and the Coffee Palace for many years

photo and information
from grandaughter Linda Close

A Warrenby lady Marion Boswell
courtesy of Mary Ward nee Thornhill


Mr Bellerby
son Brian

Photograph of Mr Gale
and his daughter Beatie
by Kath nee Bellerby

market day

left is Rex Warrior, with Albert Bunn,
Tommy Clark, and Jim Laing. spending Friday afternoon at South Bank market.

18 Dec 1943

Jean Warrior
Nancy Watt.

photo from Rex Warrior

faces from the past

Photo courtesy of Ian Hall

Annie Leith

Annie had no children of her own,
but was at the heart of all
the entertainment for children in
Warrenby village
photo and information
from Freda Anderson

my grand father Herbert (Bill) Whitehead extreme right. Dont know the chap in the middle but I think the fellow on the left is Joe Wilkinson.
Photograph and information from Stuart Haines

Date ?

George & Glady's Holmes of Coney street

courtesy of Graham Holmes

My Uncle Len Holme's apparently with his first ever car. Not sure whether it is a Ford pop or Anglia


This is George Arthur Holmes (my Dad) and Derek Day taken at 'Pictorial Studios' The Esplanade Redcar 19th June 1948
regards Graham

Mrs Troup

my best friend

A Picture of my best friend Pat Arbon with her sister Betty.
photo and information from Linda nee Close

our alley

Teal street
left to right

Nellie Swan,Hannah English,Teresa O'conner Audrey Lambert,
in front
Kath Collins nee Swan,with her son Michael Collins.

Audrey Lambert,Teresa O'Conner,David Lambert,Kath holding Paul, & Linda Lambert

The Lambert's David,Kath,& paul.
Kath is holding Elish Morris


The young lady was named
Margaret Bell,
Maybe Margaret lived in Dormanstown,
she is said to have been visiting
her Grandmother who lived in Warrenby.
can anyone name Gran.
contributed by
Margaret nee Sexton

Mr & Mrs James Ayton, Jim can also be seen on [Serving the Nation] and [Making Music

courtesy of George Ayton


Gerald & Tony

evening out

included in the photograph are
John & Dot Wallace, Tony & Marjorie Milburn, Bill ?, Tonie & Albert Hailstonie
photo and information from Marjorie Milburn

Tony Milburn
after football


Brothers Harry & Jack Thornhill in the Queens Hotel Redcar 1964.
photograph & information courtesy of Margaret Heirons


from the left Bill Heirons,Margaret Heirons nee Thornhill,Aunt Bertha Lettin,uncle Harry,s wife Alice and my parents Margaret and Jack Thornhill
photo & information
from Margaret Heirons (South Africa)


Bill Heirons,Margaret Heirons with mam & dad
Jack & Margaret Thornhill
courtesy of Margaret Heirons


from the left of this lovely photo
Dick & Winnie Thornhill with their young son David, can any one name the young man on the right


Richard Thornhill
known as( Dick)

family snap

Dennis ,Margaret,Lesley & Alan English
contributed by Pat English


Hannah English of Teal street with her dog Smokey

Jack Lambert with daughter Linda


Young John Knight with his sisters Nora Ann ,and Mary, pictured in Warrenby.

They can be seen grown up in the topic
Serving the nation

photograph contributed by their sister Margaret Thompson

Nora Knight served in the A T S during WW2
she had previously been a member of staff at Hintons in Dormanstown.
Nora also along with her sister winnie learned short hand and typing they were taught by a Miss Sills in a large house near the railway
opposite the cricket field Redcar

Nora can be seen in [Serving the Nation].
and also in [Serving the community]
Nora is pictured below at her Dormanstown home
in 1941 .the picture was taken in the back
garden of 2 the Fleet
courtesy of Margaret Thompson

Charlotte & Rose Mc Cormick
of Widgeon street Warrenby
about 1949
photo & information
from Derrick Redhead

Date please

Arthur & Annie Gibbon with Tom & Betty Gibbon

where were they

Three Mrs Gibbons Annie,Betty ,& Betty.
courtesy of Margaret Cunningham nee Gibbon

Mrs Nellie Swan

2 The Fleet Dormanstown

where & when

left to right, pat smith, dot wells, eamonn morris, kath smith, norman smith, young one ?. but what I would like to know is, does anyone know where the picture is taken
Norman Smith

Friends & neighbours

Friends & neighbours
Annie Malone,Dorothea Sexton,and Sissie Thwaites

Downey street

Linda & Trisha Close with their cousin Robert Thornhill in Downy street

Sheila Caddy of Tod Point road Warrenby taken at the back door.
Sheila worked at Benbows chemist on Coatham Road
a picture can be seen in the topic (serving the community


on the left Norma Wilson of Warrenby
pictured with a friend


A photograph of Young Doreen Simpson and her elder sister Nancy,wearing outfits made by their mother, Mabel Simpson, who was a very talented dressmaker.

In 1948 (my Mum and Dad) (Doreen nee Simpson and Frank Beattie) were actually the steward and stewardess of Warrenby Club. I am sure of the date as my sister Yvonne was born that year and they were living there then
photo & information from Penny Campbell nee Beattie

A Young Doreen Simpson
courtesy of her daughter Penny Campbell [nee Beattie]

The Robinsons

Jack & Sarah Jane Robinson nee Fox of 16 Tod Point Road pictured with their daughter Mary on the right and Mary's husband Herbert on the left


Charlie Brown on his bike, with his brother Arnie Brown, outside there home, 4 Rocket Terrace where they lived from 1928 -1931

Mr Thomas Ramsdale
of 13Partridge Street.

photograph from
Elaine Alexander


A lovely picture of Alice Atkinson
(nee Ramsdale),
who was the daughter
Thomas & Sarah Ramsdale

name the lady

a picture I know nothing about, The family have looked at it and think it is Hilda Whitehead about 1930 ?
We would appreciate any help

Stuart Hains