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Attacting attention


The girls left to right are,
Norma Wilson,June Pinkney,Olive Porter,June Patterson,Pam Easson,
and Ann Brownbridge.

also in the picture is the manager of the local cimema where the event took place.
The girls were modeling swimsuits for Teasdales a local Redcar seafront store.

the film currently being shown at the cinema was Follow The Sun

Photograph courtesy of Norma Wilson

Gables staff 1950s

The Gables was once Coatham vicarage.

Then became a residential home for the elderly.

The picture shows members of staff enjoying a trip to Blackpool.
Left to right are Winnie & Harry Graham,
Winnie Gibbon, Freda Wilson, Mrs Thwaits,
and the Matron of the Gables.

Photograph courtesy of Norma Wilson


Little Minnie Barker left
with her sister Alice
in fancy dress about 1917


The beach and Esplanade were not the town’s only attractions. Tea gardens and a roller-skating rink had been opened on Redcar Lane and were well patronised. The focus of attention did of course remain on the sea-front. During that last hot summer before the war, Sam Paul’s Pierrots were performing on the beach near the remains of the old Coatham Pier; the Waddlers Concert Company, also on the beach, was drawing large crowds. The Palace Pictures mixed its bill with such features as the Brothers St. John Dancers and performing monkeys and dogs. At the Pier Pavilion the Valentines were playing to good houses. The band played four nights each week at the recently extended bandstand in the centre of the promenade. “Redcar for Happy Holidays” was as true then as when it became the town’s official slogan two decades later.

fancy meeting you here

brother & sister Phil & Norma Wilson
at the Pier ballroom


Mrs Mary Lister (Polly) of Marina avenue with grandaughter Judith

The meeting place

Wilf Thurwell and friends

meet the people

The 'mixed group' are mostly unknown to me except for the front row.
My Grandfather Albert Marshall WARD on the left and Jimmy MURPHY on the right.
Must have been taken in the 1950's
from Ian Hall

The Likely lads

Boys day out in Redcar 1961.
Back row, Vic Hall, Tommy [Lol]Gibbon, John Harland [Redcar], Unknown [Redcar],
Front row, John McBride, Edward [Sep] Robinson, Ian Hall, Keith Knaggs and Denis Lawton


Leith Johnson and Dorothea Sexton (nee Johnson) at the boating lake in the 1920s

The Concert

All I know of this picture is young Minnie Barker of Warrenby is sitting on the chair at the front of the stage Do you have any ideas where the concert was taking place


Alice & Minnie Barker once again in fancy dress about 1919

Redcar swimming club

caught on camera

Attracting atttention Alan & Anne Tinsley
with Bertha Lettin

photo & information from Mary Ward nee Thornhill

and Below

Attracting attention

photo from Mary Ward


Girls night out
photograph contributed by Kath Bellerby 2nd left


Margaret Mc Bride
& Mavis Mundy
attracting attention

ptoto from
Margaret Mc Bride

Doris Warrior
attracting attention

Knight sisters

Pauline, Jean,and Joan Knight
attracting attention
1948/9 taken in our back yard 64 Todpoint Road.
Photograph & information
courtesy of Jean Burke (nee Knight)


Receiving attention
young Rita Whitehead


Atracting attention are Pat English with her twins Susan & Stephen.


Twins Andrew & Stephen Green win the baby show at the I.C.I Gala Day,pictured with their elder brother Raymond

photograph and information courtesy of Maurice & Cath Green

Date ?

Left; Thomas Ramsdale and son Richard enjoying a
drink with friends.

Courtesy of Elaine Alexander


Gaye, Peter and Judith Atkinson,

children of John & Elsie Atkinson

of Lucerne Road, Redcar.

John Atkinson of Lucerne Road, Redcar with
youngest daughter Elaine