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Special Occasions

Out to tea

having tea in the church hall at Warrenby
back row
Mrs Pendleberry,
Mrs Mc Coy
(who was the mother of Mrs Caddy of Wild Duck street,)
and Mr and Mrs Jack Ward
photo & informatiom from Freda Anderson


Jack & Sarah Jane Robinson nee Fox outside their home 15 Tod Point road Warrenby


Warrenby School Yard in 1953 at a party to celebrate Coronation day.

Thornhill sisters

Th sisters were all born in Warrenby,
the photograph was taken at the wedding of
Irene Close

Christmas Party

Christmas Party at the Fire Station in Peirson street in the mid 1930s.
any information about this photograph would be welcome

Ayresome Park

The caption on the ptotograph states
A close up of the crowd in the foreground of one of the grandstands at Ayresome Park.

The photo was thought to be at a football match.
although there are a lot of Warrenby faces pictured, and many of whom it would be surprising that they would be at a fotball match! but we could be wrong about that!
Another theory is!
they could have been attending and listening to the Family Prayer Rally of Father Peyton ? Father Peyton's slogan was

"The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together." - nowadays more often remembered than his name! The emphasis on family may be why families went as a group to hear him.

On 4th May 1952, 25,000 men, women and children crowded into Ayresome Park to hear Father Peyton.
(Evening Gazette Report of 5th May 1952

Your thought are welcome, as are the names of people you recognise.

The Christening

Included in the picture attending a christening
Jack & Audrey Lambert,Elsie Granger & Bob,
Susan & Stephen English.


Members of the Barker family celebrating a special family occasion


Wonder where this picture was taken and what was the occasion,

included in the photograph are: back row 2nd right is Annie Gibbon,& Mrs Maltby.

front row: 2nd left Mrs Gibbon, 3rd Mrs Diggory,& on the right is Mrs Seaton. photo and information courtesy of
Margaret Cunningham nee Gibbon


----------- George Wallace

?, Archie Gibbon,John Wyman, Terry Bennet,

Tommy Keegan,Dave Lawson, & Dave Foxton.

----was this George's Batchelor night

George married Gillian Mynall they now live in
South Africa,
photo & information from
Margaret Cunningham nee Gibbon.

I wonder if they will say hello

3 sisters

The Burdette sisters left to right

Sarah ,Ivy,& Freda enjoying a special occasion

Wonder where these happy people are heading
included in the group are

Mr Wild, Baker Brown,Mrs Hinds,Mrs Pendelbury,

Mrs Clark,and Mr Drinkwater (Chairman of the club)

courtesy of Linda Maude nee Close