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Gala Days

Gala day was a very important day when the people of the village got together,and had great fun.
The whole village turned out, people of all ages took part.
There was something for everyone.

Above having fun as cricketers are on the right is Mrs Troup,Mrs Wyman centre Mrs Barker, Mrs Thwaites, and Peggy Ditchburn nee Greer

fancy dress pictures
courtesy of Bill Troup.


A lovely picture of two young girls in costume
May Troup seated who is the other girl.

growing up

Growing up in Warrenby gave me a happy childhood and some good friends, as children we looked forward to the summer holidays when the local workmen club held a Gala-Day for us what a great time we had children and adults fancy dress, egg and spoon, sack race, tug of war and many others then standing in line for a brown paper bag containing a bun, cake and sweets. Another great day was a day trip organised by the club to Whitby or Scarborough enjoyed by children, mums and grandmas.

memories from Freda Anderson nee Lloyd

Gala August 1947

Freda Wilson nee Burdett winner of the leg competition.
photo courtesy of Norma Wilson


A happy group of fairy's

left to right

back row
Mrs Wyman,Mrs Thwaites,and Mrs Troup.

front row
Mrs Barker,Mrs Malone and Peggy Ditchburn nee Greer.

And the winners are

The Fairy's & company.left to right back row they are,
Sarah Barker,Mable Wyman,The Mayor & Mayoress. of Redcar.
Annie Malone, Mrs Troop,Peggy Ditchburn, & Johny O 'Conner(nurse),

in front;Pat Gilroy,Dorothy Briggs,Sandra Briggs,Gordon Webster,Ann & Mary Morris,John Wyman & Henry Gibbon.

now the war is over

And didn't they enjoy themselves. are they all sporting a hitler moustache?

1940s family outing

guess who won again !!!

Mrs Barker, Mrs Troup,Mrs Thwaites,Mrs Malone and Mrs O Conner.

Gala spectators

Pictured waiting for the next event are the
Drinkwater family with William Drinkwater in the centre.
William lived in Warrenby all his life & fought in the Boer War.
Oher family members
Starting at the left of the back row.

Bill Pick ( Elsies' husband), Bill Lovat(on visit from Leicester) & his wife May,
Lorna Drinkwater(wife of Billy Drinkwater, the son of William) & Elsie Pick ( the daughter of William).
The middle are Val Lovat & William Drinkwater.
Front row:- David Lovat (son of Bill Lovat) , John Drinkwater (son of Lorna & Billy),
Kenneth Pick (son of Elsie & Bill) & Anne Drinkwater ( daughter of Lorna & Billy).

Information from John Drinkwater

On the right of the photo is Mr Jack Ward of Warrenby.

Gala crowd

A Gala day crowd relaxing in the sunshine see all the lovely coach prams we had in those days

Denis Bage with his daughter Sheila in the front

Baby show 4 August 1956

The Mayor and Mayoress of Redcar (Coun and Mrs C Rand) make friends with eight months old Colin Gerard Barker,winner of his age group at Warrenby Gala baby show.Holding Colin is proud mother Mrs Sheila Barker of Grangetown.

Evening Gazette monday 6 Aug 1956


This is a family photo of Mrs. Cath Gibbon , Maureen and Kathleen Gibbon with Tom Gibbon in front it was taken on Gala Day on the
Warrenby Football field

Pos 1st Gala day

Possibly the 1st Gala day? A very early picture of the Warrenby gala

courtesy of Patricia Bradley nee Sexton


A lovely photo of Mrs Stainthorpe
with family and friends

Warrenby ladies

top left Mrs Heal right Nora Wild,
2nd row.
Winnie Graham,Mrs Gibbon, Mrs Landemow.
Bottom left to right.
Mrs Ovens,Mrs Castle,Sarah Bellerby,and Dorothea Sexton,
the two little boys are twins.
Ian and Malcolm Read.

Prizegiving 1950s

Another photograph of Warrenby Gala taken in the 1950's.
The man centre left wearing cap and white open neck shirt is my grandfather, Albert Marshall WARD, of Coney Street. Tha man standing near the microphone is Bill Stonier, the man behind the Mayor wearing glasses is Jimmy Murphy, of Tod Point Road, and the lady bottom left holding the baby is Mrs BUNN of Coney Street.

Photograph and information courtesy of Ian Hall.

the parade

Patricia Sexton and Joan Bottomley
attracting attention at the Gala

A winner

Tommy Sexton
a winner in the early 1950s
as Telstar

The children parade

included in this excellent photo are
John Morris,Elizabeth Ransom, Maggie Arbon,
and Pat McCormick hoping someone will help with other names
Photo and information
from sisters Kath & Pat (nee Smith)


Warrenby Gala Day 1952 outside 18 Teale Street, Vic Hall and Stuart Robertson, they came second in the competition and won half a crown each.
They were both covered in Cocoa powder, supposed to be slaves!!!!

Wendy & Vic Hall

John Snowdon & friends

Jim Grimwood, son Robert Grimwood,
with John Snowdon
Photo and information
from Alison Small


Warrenby Gala 1955.

left to right
Connie Urquart, Barbara Thwaites, two little girls ?, Jessie Laughton nee Want, Margaret Laughton and Carol Thwaites.

photo and information courtesy of Margaret Jordan


Elsa Storey
as a Television Topper,
winning the Warrenby Gala,
approx. 1952


South Bank Express
Saturday, 7 September 1912

Gala Day at Redcar

‘Empire Day’ at Redcar was a feature inaugurated by the popular proprietors of the Empire Theatre, Redcar, on Saturday last, when over four hundred children were entertained to tea by the managers (Messrs Forster and Bell) in the spacious building, where a splendid repast was provided, each child receiving a bag of cakes. Some excellent sports were held in a field belonging to Mr. Sill, West Dyke, a large number of adults taking part. The Warrenby Band contributed to the pleasure by playing some bright selections during the afternoon.

The event was quite a success and thoroughly enjoyed by young and old alike, and much credit is due to the proprietors for their generosity, and also to the tradespeople of Redcar for the admirable help they extended to ensure the success of the gala.
Thanks are also due to those local gentlemen of the town whose services were invaluable towards making the day such a success.

Our Roving Reporter J.W.


Jean Knight
Linda Close


Mary, Ian Kath & Allan Thornhill
photo and information
from Mary Ward nee Thornhill


picture taken near the old tea chapel yard
1 Partridge street

Gala presentations 1949

back row left to right
Bill Stonier, Mrs Patterson, Mrs Troup, ? Tommy Ramsdale, Albert Ward, ? Bill Slightholme,? Eddy Leanard, Charlie Close.

Second row,
Stan Linford, Mrs Milburn, Mrs Linford, Tony Malone, Teddy Phelps,
Charlie Shinner, Jim Camaskey, Peggy Ditchburn, /, Cissy Thwaits,
Bill Castle, Ronnie Boswell, Fussy Milburn,?, ?. Mr Alison, Jack Ovens .

Third row.
Mrs Smallwood, Betty Boswell,Mrs Phelps,Mrs Chilvers, ?,
Sarah Ward, Nurse Henderson community midwife, Mrs Knaggs,Mrs Caddey, and Mrs Scott.

Seated at front
Mrs Shinner, ?, Mrs Castle, Jim Murphy, Annie Malone,Mrs Stonier,
Lizzie Murphy,first aid ambulance man Chick Henderson.

winner of the bonnie baby show centre back

watching the events

Back row left to right
Ronnie Boswell,Harry Tinsley,Bill SlightholmeEthel Rowe,Jack Williams,
front row
Beryl Minneall,Minnie Noble,Elsie Granger,Nell Close,Alice Williams,Mrs Mc Comick.

enjoying the day

Back row left to right
Harry Tinsley,Ronnie Boswell,Albert Lettin,
Front row
Rene Linford,Betty Boswell,Jean Tinsley,Pat and June Smith(Skelton) Nell Close,Bertha Lettin,

Photo and information from Linda Close

Linda & company

At the back is Audrey Leonard
Front row
Linda Close,Olwyn Elliot,
Trisha Close, & Elizabeth Whyman
photo and information
by Linda Close

womans race

Sarah Bellerby and Doris Warrior in the lady's race.

St Mary's church in the background
photo and information from Rex Warrior

Lady Codiva

This must have been a winner,Rex Warrior as Lady Codiva.
Photo contributed by Rex Warrior junior

boys race

on stilts

Dennis Bage on stilts, centre Jack Phelps,left Maurice Green
from Rex Warrior

having fun

Elsie Grainger
Nell Close

Joe Close

Nell and friends

Nell Close with friends
Lew & Betty Llewellen
the coast gaurds from
the Breakwater ,

frying pan

Ada Maddison nee Smith
has anyone a caption
for this photo

Date ?

Lynne Mundy ,Alison Robertson,Kath Lambert,
Marion Sanderson,Margaret Walker,
Susan English,Linda Lambert,Stephen English, & Paul and David Lambert'

photo from Kath Lambert

Date ?

Paul Lambert,Linda Lambert,Carmel Calvey,Vicky,and Margaret Walker, ,Marion Sanderson, Kath Lambert is in the pram,

photo from Kath Lambert
information from Linda Close


Back row Mr Pearson (smoking Pipe)
Front row
Bertha Ditchburn ,Alan Ditchburn, and George Ditchburn. photo and information
courtesy of Alan


This Gala photo includes George Ditchburn,sitting behind.
The two young boys in front are, on the left Alan Ditchburn,on with right John Ditchburn,

Hugh Bell cottages are in the background.
courtesy of Stuart Haines


May Troup and friends enjoying the occasion

Gala photo from Bill Troup

Cousins 1937

Four young cousins pictured at the Gala
left to right they are

Colin Barker, Evelyn Garn, Eric Bage,& Roy Barker.
Photograph & information from Colin & Sheila Barker

Date ?

Marlene Bunn? Sandra Briggs,Wendy Miles as Big 4 (something to do with NATO ?)
photo from Wendy Miles

Patricia Close as an Indian, Joan Knight, Sandra Briggs, my sister Carol behind at extreme left.
Marjorie Storey at rear on right.
Photo & information from Wendy Roberts

Gala again-Felicity Miles, Mabs Wyman as red Indians, Carol Miles at front as Mrs Mop.

Carol Miles as Mrs Mop

Wendy Miles as Sun flower
Carol Miles as dice

Gala Parade

The Gala Parade passing the Barracks,and Teal St
I am old woman who lived in a shoe(with big rear!)in the middle,
I am not sure of any others except for my sisters in front.
Photograph and information from Wendy Roberts

On the left , [wearing a cap] is Maurice Barker ] on his left is Sarah Barker.

Last Gala

Paul Gibbon at the last Warrenby Gala

Twins win the baby show

Patricia English proudly shows her twins,
Susan & Stephen
who had just won the Bonny Baby show in 1954
photograph courtesy of Patricia English

young spectators

David, Kath, & Linda Lambet with Audrey & Tony stocking
photo & information from Pat English

Heading for the parade are Teresa O Conner, Audrey Lambert sporting a beret, with children Kath Lambert & Stephen English.
photo & information from Pat English

left to right
Teresa O Conner,Audrey Lambert,Evelyn Stocking
joining in the fun.


Winnie Gibbon enjoying the dress rehearsal for the Gala, as her grandchildren Steve Olwen,& Tony Lloyd.parade in front of her home 18 Coney street.

courtesy of Joyce nee Gibbon