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Marsh Farm Warrenby


According to an 1815 map the whole area, which eventually became Warrenby was very marshy land and the only building was Marsh House Farm, it was built in 1770 on a track known as Marsh Road, as an Inn to serve the needs of sailors.

Welcome to Marsh Farm

The Troup family moved to the farm in 1939

Photograph courtesy of Bill Troup

Manor Loft

There must be a story behind this picture ?

Young Bill Troup, with his pal
enjoying life on the farm

Jack Troup on the right
with his tool box
looking like work ?

Jack Troup & Sam Barras


Jack Troup and ?, Are they relaxing or are they ready for the Gala

Mr Carter

Mr Carter at Marsh Farm
with a couple of his pigs

On the right is Mr Carter, can anyone name the
person on the left

A nice collection of photographs courtesy of Dave Carter, who's father kept pigs on Marsh farm,
Dave would like any information regarding the photographs, and especially the names of the young boy, and the man who is standing with his father.


Mrs Thwaites , ? , Mrs Troup


Daughter May Troup with baby,
photo courtesy of
brother Bill


Margaret contemplating a lady bird,
wonder what she is thinking!
Maybe her forthcoming wedding day,
or the fact that Bill
would soon be a soldier

Mr Troup, ?, Mrs Troup on a bike
photograph from Bill Troup


May entertaining the new generation at the farm

Mrs T

Anyone for tea

Mans best friend

My Home

photographs taken at Marsh Farm
are courtesy of Bill & Margaret Troup