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Warrenby White Mice

Taken about 1922 Maurice Barker back row arrowed
Jim White directly under Maurice.

1950s team

on the left wearing a suit is Herbie Wright
Back row on the right is Dennis Bage
Front row 2nd left is George Stainthorpe

Charlies Mullarky's team

The Team: Back row

Sanderson, Jimmy White , Gerry Milburn, Mick Conway , Ted Bottomley,
Tommy Hudson, Tony Jeffers , Tony Wilson ,

front row
Brian Mc Intyre, Mick Allan, Phil Wilson, Billy Raine,Ian Paul,

Photograph courtesy of Norma Wilson
Sylvia Carling and Billy Barker named the team

Sacred Heart Seniors 1950

Back row left to right.
Peter Mc Carthy, Tony Skidmore,Les Ord,Nobby Hobson, Terry White,John Hall,

Front row left to right.
Frankie Harker,Ted Riley,Jimmy Sullivan,Brian O'Hara,Jimmy Emmerson.


GIANT-KILLERS: The tiny community of Warrenby fielded a first-class soccer side before the war -
A side which in 1947/8 went On to win both the North Riding Amateur cup and the South Bank and District League.
George Byers, pictured LEFT front row
This picture also Includes (from left) Back row:
Richie Ditchburn, Tommy Ramsdale, Ronnie Baswell, Charlie Shinner,Ray Boyes, Lol Gibbon.
Second row: Harry Taylor, M Dunne,
Patsy Smith, Dickie Thorpe, Frank Snowdon, Freddie Ainsworth and official Albert Ward.
Front George Byers, Cala Leng, Neil Calvey, mascot Michael Gibbon, Billy Campbell, Jimmy Wallace and Nobby Whyman. George’s son Terry, of Mayfleld Crescent, Eaglescllife, submits the photograph and says his father once played For Durham City - the youngest-ever player at the time. -

follow up from Sylvia Carling
In the Remember When picture of the 1947/8 Warrenby football team the don`t know stood next to Lol Gibbon on the back row is Ray Boyes he was married to Annie Leith of Wild Duck Street.
Annie died in 1948.
and Margaret Thomas nee Snowdon completed the missing names.

Coatham youth club

For a short while the youth club ran a football team that played a few friendly matches.
The team members.

Back row Stuart Grey; Stuart Lockwood,
Doug Kyle;David Wordsworth; Jim Pitt;
Alan Wordsworth (team manager ?)

front row Paul Wordsworth; "Bugsy Hare;
Michael Birt; Gareth Walker; ? Bartram; ? Atkinson.

One team member that was misisng form the photgraph was David ? Simpson.

I am fairly certain that it was taken in the garden of Church House about 1960

Cross Country

courtesy of Doug Kyle

The Boro

Michael Murphy became one of the original playing members of the Midlesborough football club when he signed for them as an outside left in May 1899. It was the clubs first season as a proffesional club, when they used to play on the old Linthorpe road ground in Middlesbrpugh as members of the second division. After playing for only 2 seasons for Middlesbrough 1899 - 1900 and 1900 - 1901 Mick Murphy recieved a rather severe ankle injury whih forced him to leave the game. Mick then became a part-time player, He worked full time for Dorman Long.

Warrenby play at Ayresome Park

1947 - 1948 season.
Warrenby played at Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough
Team : left to right,
G Byers, H Leng, M Dunne, F Snowdon, R Thorpe, Smith, F Ainsworth, ?, N Calvey, J Wallace, Maguire, M Gibbon

What a day this must have been for Warrenby.

Kindly contributed by Alison Small


St Mary's Juniors Derwent road football team

third from left back row Paul Barker


South Bank and District Football League Challenge Cup Final

Dorman’s Warrenby v Cochrane’s F.C.

Ayresome Park

3.00 p.m., Saturday, 31st May, 1947


Dorman’s Warrenby:
Thorpe; Dunn, Maguire; Snowdon, Smith, Byers;
Parker, Ainsworth, Leng, Calvey, Wallace

Cochrane’s F.C.
W.Briggs; Bedford, McEvoy; Wyatt, Sanderson, A. Witherley;
Pinder, Witherley (J), Sherrington, Connelly, Evans.

Warrenby Rally Wins Cup

A goal down at half time in their game with Cochrane’s F.C., in the final of the South Bank and District League Challenge Cup at Ayresome Park on Saturday, Dorman’s Warrenby scored three times in the second half without any reply from their opponents.
Cochrane’s deserved their interval lead and with a little luck would have been further ahead. They played better football with Evans, Connelly and A.Witherley outstanding on their left flank.
Change of tactics by Warrenby brought the second half goals, their forwards finding short passing movements of no avail against a keen tackling defence. Both ‘keepers, Thorpe and Briggs saved penalty kicks. J. Witherley scored for Cochrane’s with Leng, Calvey and Parker netting for Warrenby.
Mr. T. Purcell introduced Mr. W.R. Kelly, chairman of Middlesbrough F.C., who presented the cup and congratulated both teams on their display.

Evening Gazette
31 May and 2 June 1947

Cochrane’s beat Erimus 2-0 in the semi-final and Warrenby beat Port Clarence 2-1, Leng and Wallace scoring. Warrenby’s 2-0 league win against Smith’s Dock further strengthened their bid for the championship of Division 1of the South Bank and District League. Warrenby had held the leadership since the beginning of the season.
Extracted from Evening Gazette
6 May 1947

Cochrane’s won the Div 2 that year. Their young goal keeper, Wally Briggs, who played for Middlesbrough F.C. against Grimsby, was to sign professional forms for Middlesbrough after the cup final. (Eve Gaz)

Researched by Jim White

Warrenby Wednesdays 1800s

Warrenby Wednesdays Football Team taken about 1890/95
Kindly contributed by Margaret Jordan

WARRENBY WEDNESDAY F.C., winners of the North Yorkshire and South Durham League, were presented with the Shield and Medals on Monday last at the Board Schools, Warrenby. Mrs. Alfred H. Cochrane kindly attended to present the trophy and medals. A concert was also held, when Mr. J. Howcroft of Redcar, gave an address on "Football." Mr. R.E. Wethey presided. Mr. W.H. Taylor gave his celebrated cinematograph show, and Mr. G. Greenewood, the popular Yorkshire ventriloquist, also gave a performance. The above gentlemen kindly gave their services free." South Bank Express, 29 May 1909.
('Greenewood' as spelt.)
Social history - the first film show in Warrenby???
There were other Warrenby teams e.g. Warrenby Old Boys - just fixtures.
Researched by Jim White

Feb 1924

8 Feb 1924
North Riding Amateur Cup - One of the rounds:
Dormans (Warrenby)
Snaith; Peak, Robinson; Walton, Walker, Thomas; Chilvers, Phelps, Hall, Skelton, Seaton J.W.

1 Oct 1921

Hoping to establish if the following,

St.Andrew's Mission Team is a Warrenby side:
1 Oct 1921
Parrish; Gibson, Barres; E. Parker, Frost, Lavender; Watt, Laws, L. Paeker, Smith, C. Parker.
Are they Warrenby names?

response required please !

Anyone for tennis

taken in Locke Park, Redcar...
standing on the right is Gertrude Ward (Hall)
the front row on the left is Betty Boswell,

A beautiful photograph courtesy of
Marion Brinsley nee Boswell


Mr Lawson with James Mc Kinley Boxing team
Centre front is Charlie Thornhill

The Cups

Presentation day,
the picture is taken in front of the changing rooms, on the football field in Warrenby village.
Photo from Linda Close


Hall,Sullivan,Ord, Wilkinson, Knight, Brian Barker
Front Row L/R
McCarthy,Sandell, Irons, Tony Milburn and O'Hara

Stuart Haines

Warrenby White Mice

Warrenby White Mice photographed at the Racecourse after winning possibly the Ellis Cup

Pictured L/R back Row

H.Phillips,M. Ditchburn.? Wilde, H.Phelps, John F Whyman & W. Seaton.

Front Row L/R

Blackie Seaton, Joe Whyman, F. Ainsworth,
R. Ramsdale and ? Atkinson.

photo & information from Alan Ditchburn

on the line

Jack Troup on the line

No 10

The Great North Run 2000

Veteran athlete Maurice Green 75,puts in a bit of extra training on the beach for his 20th Great North Run.
HE has a similar name to an Olympic sprint champion, but veteran athlete Maurice Green takes things a little slower,
For unlike his speedy namesake, 75-year old
MR Green prefers the steady slog of long distance runs. And with his 20th consecutive Great North Run coming up on Sunday, the gritty grandad shows no signs of hanging up his trainers just yet!
Inspirational Mr Green, of Trevarrian Drive,Redcar, entered the first-ever Great North Run in 198I as a bit of fun.He's done it ever since and, 20 years on,he admits he can't shake off the bug.
He said "It's like people who try to give up smoking - they mean to do it but never manage!
"It's very catching, you know. I only do the Great North Run now but I used to do ten or 12 half marathons a year."And he admits there are a few differences between himself and his sprinter
namesake, Maurice Greene.He laughed: "Well he's got an extra 'e* on his surname, and if we were doing a 100 metre race, he'd have to give me a 90 metre start!"
Originally from Blyth, Mr Green a former ICI lab technician has always been a keen sportsman and played hockey for ICI Wilton until he was 70.
Married to Catherine, he keeps fit by his running along Redcar beach, and working out at Redcar Leisure Centre a couple of times a week.
And despite his many long runs over the years, including a London Marathon, it's the atmosphere at the Great North Run that keep him coming back for more.He said; "It's great! the crowds are good,and if they see you walking, they pick your
number out and spur you on."I used to do it in under two hours, but it's more like two-and-a-half hours now,"I might stop after this one, but my wife reckons I've been saying that for 19 years!"

GRANDAD Stan Barren is again donning his running shoes for seriously ill babies.Stan,62, of Corporation Road, Redcar, is tackling his fourth consecutive Great North Run on Sunday in aid of the Zoe's Place Hospice. The hospice set up by the LIFE charity, gives respite care to babies and children with multiple handicaps.Although situated in Liverpool, it takes children from all over the country.
Stan became involved because his wife Margaret is a caring officer with Redcar LIFE

Maurice told his story in an article for the Evening Gazette

Thank you Maurice for sharing your story here, where many people will remember you,leaving your York road home, as I do, and trotting off for a training session. Sheila Barker

Date ?

An excellent photograph of The Great North Run,
with Maurice Green of Redcar wearing number 448 front right hand corner
Courtesy of Maurice & Cath Green

3rd from right back row Tony Milburn

Clixby cup

Dorman Long team can anyone date the photo


Cricket & Bowls winners
pictuured in the Steel News November 1973

Relay team 1964

Inter School Sports 1964 Representing Coatham Sec Modern School left to right.

Judith Lister,Marian Ditchburn,Jed Crockell,Sandra Holmes


Loyal supporters of the home team pictured at Warrenby football field.
left to right back row.
Lol Gibbon, Komasky, Ken Phelps,Bill English,Snowdon,
in front are David Lambert,Reg English,Sloan.

Cup Winners

front row left ?, Billy Barker, Philip Calvey,
Photograph couresy of Billy Barker.

Alan Kelly kindly names the people in the photograph.

the names of the poeple in the photo are,headmaster hugh crossan, sports teacher bill turley, keith crook, alan kelly, peter faughey,the mayor?? bill tilley. bill temke,other teacher mr callander from dormanstown, front row mike scott, bill barker, phil calvey, harry hudson, barry stonehouse, colin dent, on the right are two carrol brothers, and at the back you can pick out the gibbon twins.

Courtesy of Billy Barker

1960 ?

Warrenby football team
front row: ?, Billy Barker,Dave Lawson,Darkie Bavin,Archie Gibbon, Nobby Whyman.

back row:Ron Mckay, Ian Paul,John Kenny ,Norman Harvey, Dave Foxton,Pat Turner,Sam Rathmell,

photo and information contributed
by Margaret Cunningham nee Gibbon

cup winners

Included in this winning team are
Ray Graham, Sid Bellerby,John Briggs,Henry Gibbon,& Keith Melling

have you any more information ???

1910 -11

Redcar West End medal was the posession of Michael Knight contributed by his daughter Margaret Thompson

2 Feb 1918


Redcar and Warrenby United and the 3rd Welch Reg. meet on Saturday for the second Round of the North Riding Amateur Cup and both teams will have a strong side.
Redcar have secured the services of W Harrison[late of Redcar Northern league] as goalkeeper.
The match will take place at Coatham at 3 o'clock
Redcar have already accounted for the RNAS for this cup competition, and a good game is anticipated


16 Holden street

17 Nov 1935

To Mr F Stewart
North Riding County F A

Dear Sir
Teesborough League

South Bank West End v Warrenby Rovers
After 25 minutes play in the second half of the above game played on Saturday of the 16th instant.I sent off the field

G Potter South Bank West End

H Ditchburn Warrenby Rovers
D Ditchburn Warrenby Rovers
T Ditchburn Warrenby Rovers

for violent conduct via:- striking each other.

The game had been restarted for a period of one minute when the Warrenby spectators came on to the field of play

this action gave me no option but to abandon the game.

Violent Conduct :R Ditchburn struck G Potter who retaliated then T Ditchburn struck G Potter

Yours Truly J Gardner

29 February 2004

Boro lift The Carling Cup.

Middlesbrough won their first major trophy in their 128 year history
following a dramatic Cup Final win over Bolton.

Colin Barker

Ayresome Park 1976 - 77

Congratulations Middlesbrough Football Club! are in order.

can anyone please send the details.
via the mail form.

1973 -74

Middlesbrough were 2nd Division champions

1973 - 74
Manager Jackie Charlton


A photo from the past,circa 1950.
The name of the teacher was Charlie Mularkie,

Team : Alan Kelly, Jimmy Carroll. Mike Crowther, John Gibbin, Phil Calvey.Bernard Gibbin, Keith Crook, Mike Scott, Roy Partington, Colin Dent,Barry Stonehouse, Barry Sigsworth, Neil

Wright. :photo and information from Alan Kelly

Young Christian Workers. * * * Champions * * *

Taken at the semi final in Warrington lancs, which we won4-3.
Left Brian Hunt, the REF? [a warrenby lad ] Kev Morly.John Kenny, Alex ? Malc Thompson , ?? Mike Scott who did play, Jock Dixon who did not,
Front row Alan Kelly, Mike Crowther, Brian Bell, George Duffield, ? Stragon?
We won the final in london beating coventry 8-3 to become champs of england.
The team was the Young Christian Workers.

Photograph and information courtesy of Alan Kelly


BA boxing photo from the 1920s.
Top first left; William Ramsdale.

Bottom first left; Thomas Ramsdale.

Second left;
William Atkinson.

Fourth from left; Richard Ramsdale

courtesy of Elaine Alexander

name the team

The picture is of a Warrenby Football team dating approx. 1945-48
Top row 1st left is Tommy Ramsdale can anyone name the team.

Coutesy of Mick Lobley

1.C.I 1980s

During The Glorious years of I.C.I. on Teesside, The Fleck trophy football competition was the highlight of the season on the Wilton site for many years,
Terylene All Stars, were a major force in the competition, winning the trophy on numerous occasions.
Here they have The Cup before a Cup Final around 1980.

Back row L - R Malcolm Prince (manager),Dennis Readman, Alan Skelton, Ian Johnson,Dennis Wheeler, Glen Brooks, Ged Burns, Steve Connorton Mick Harrison (Ref),

Front row. Mark Puttick, Alf Wilson,Jamma Atkinson,Keith Milburn,Derek Holmes, Eric Brooks.

Photograph and information
Courtesy of Keith Milburn.