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Warrenby Families

William & Sarah Fox

William & Sarah Fox (nee)Thompson
were married at Christ Church Coatham in 1872
The Family home was.
16 Hicks Terrace Tod Point road Warrenby

pictured in 1922

Golden Wedding

William & Sarah Fox
celebrate fifty years of Marriage

Fishermans square to Warrenby

Sarah Thompson was born in 1847, the daughter of,
James & Margaret Thompson (nee Walton)
The 1851 census shows the family dwelling at 14 Zetland square, Redcar,
Sarah was aged 3 years

William Fox

William Fox was born in Lincoln in 1843.
He lived all his adult life in Warrenby.
He suffered horrific head injuries in an explosion.
William was never seen without wearing a hat.

Agnes Fox m Charles Burdett

Agnes was born in 1875
pictured here with her husband Charles and their eldest child Charles

Alice Fox m Morris Marshall Barker

Alice was born in 1878
Morris & Alice were married at Christ church Coatham 25 June 1898
Their family home was
79 James terrace Tod point road Warrrenby

Sarah Jane Fox m Jack Robinson

Sarah Jane was born in 1885
pictured with her husband Jack and there children Mary & Ronald

Charles Fox married Hannah Duck

Charles was the eldest of the Fox family.
and lived most of his married life in Dinsdale
William and Sarah Fox had two other sons William & James who both died very young.
Pictured below Robert Fox son of Charles & Hannah

Maurice & Sarah

Maurice Barker married Sarah J Marron at Sacred Heart Church Redcar 26 December 1928

The family home was 7 Teal street Warrenby

The three eldest Children
of Maurice & Sarah Barker
pictured in 1936
left to right
Maurice, Josie, & Colin.

W H Taylor Redcar

Members of the Burdett family

Top left Edwin Right Ivy

Centre Sarah

Bottom left Freda Right John

The Barker family

They are left to right.Top Bertie, Maurice,& Bill.
centre - Bertha,& Alice. Bottom - Minnie,& Agnes.


Alice Barker nee Fox holding flowers
pictured her sister Agnes Burdett


Alice Barker nee Fox
with her eldest grandson
Billy Bage

The Halls

Warrenby Family, Victor Emanuel Hall, husband of Gertrude Ward and their two boys,
Ian born 16.2.1941 and W.Victor Hall born 13.11.1942.

This Photo taken 1955.was contributed by
Wendy Hall

Albert Marshall Ward

Albert Marshall was born at 48, James Terrace on 9th February 1894.

photograph and information
from Vic & Wendy Hall

Ian Hall reminds us that Albert was Secretary of the Dormans Warrenby Athletic Club, for many years.

Happy Days

This Happy picture of Mum and Dad Hall,
{Gertrude Hall (Albert Ward's daughter) and Victor E.Hall, Senior}
was taken in the late 1930's.
All the Best
Wendy & Vic Hall

The Murphy family

This Picture is of Margaret Beatrice Murphy aged about 4 years old with her mother Alice Murphy (nee Ranson) and her Grandmother Catherine Murphy (nee Moylan) Micheals mother.

The quality isn't that good of margaret but it is nearly 100 years old

Catherine was born in Ireland and married in Middlesborugh to James Murphy, and the family were one of the first to settle in Warrenby, Micheal was born in 1877 in Warrenby, he was the youngest of 7. His other siblings were Patrick, Martin, Margaret, James, Mary Ann and John.

( Patrcik was belived to have been murdered at South Gare and hence the name PADDY'S HOLE came about

This lovely picture and information was kindly contributed by Alison Small,courtesy of her mother
Margaret Thomas nee Snowdon

Hugh & Florence

Hugh Andrew and Florence Lloyd nee Underhill

Photograph courtesy of Sylvia Carling


Elizabeth Carling nee Underhill

Elizabeth (Betty)
was a Warrenby girl
who then lived most
of her married life
at 11 Marina avenue

early 1940s

Freda Wilson nee Burdett pictured with her children
Norma and Philip Wilson

Albert & Minnie Want

Outside 39 Brands Terrace Warrenby Taken about 1900 Are my grandparents, Albert and Minnie Want with the first two of their 10 children.
picture and information
courtesy of Margaret Jordan

Want family 1915

Taken during the 1st World War about 1915. From left to right -

Mr. Want with Cissie standing on his lap, (standing - Helen, Lilly, Mabel),Mrs Want with baby Minnie on her lap,
(sitting at the front - Poppy and Jessie).


The Want family in about 1950 in the alley behind 39 Brands Terrace, Warrenby.

Mr Want, Mabel, Lilly, Jessie, Helen, Poppy, Minnie, Cissie, Norah, Peggy, Albert.

courtesy of Margaret Jordan

The Ayton family

would you be interested in three old photographs of Warrenby natives.
My great grandfather Benjamin Ayton came to Warrenby from Gissing, Norfolk, about 1873 and worked as a stationary engine driver at the blast furnaces at Warrenby Ironworks. He died of complications due to influenza in 1897. Benjamin married Charlotte Tann who was from Pulham Market, Norfolk at Christ Church, Coatham in 1877 and they lived in James Terrace, Warrenby. They had five children, Edward Ayton, who died from his injuries sustained in the Warrenby Disaster of 14th June 1895;
Susan Ann Ayton born and died in 1878; Bessey Jane Ayton who was born in 1880 and died 1945, she married Frederick Nelmes and they settled in Redcar.
My grandfather George William Ayton was born in 1881 and worked at the Warrenby Ironworks as a locomotive cleaner then fireman. He married Maggie Buxton at Christ Church in 1904. I know that their eldest child Benjamin was born in Warrenby 1905, at Rocket Terrace. Ben worked as a milk roundsman in Redcar and at the Warrenby works in the Second World War, he married Maggie Thomas of Pochin Road Grangetown.
The youngest of the Ayton family was Ethel May Ayton who was born in 1886. She married Charles Henry White from New Marske in 1918.

The photograph is of my grandfather George William as a young man when he would have been living in Warrenby, I don't know who else is on the photo or where it was taken but I would love to know. My grandfather is second from the right, back row.
Regards George Ayton

Bessey Jane Ayton
Bessey Jane was born in 1880
at James terrace
Tod Point road Warrenby

Photo from George Ayton.
courtesy of Mrs J Taylor

Ethel May Ayton
was born in Warrenby in 1886.

The family later moved to
9 High street Coatham.

Maggie Ayton (neeBuxton) pictured with her children.

The photograph was taken about 1913 and it shows my grandmother Maggie Ayton (nee Buxton) with her children Ben standing next to her, Jim (centre) Edith (right), Marie (front, next to her mother) and Alice known as Lal, in front of Ede. I think that the three eldest children were born in Warrenby.
photograph & information from George Ayton


Jack Milburn
son Tony aged 3years

Courtesy of
Marjorie Milburn


Mr Mullarky of Warrenby

coutesy of Marjorie Milburn

Mrs Caddy

Warrenby lady Granny Caddy courtesy of Sheila nee Caddy

Michael & Nora Knight 1916

Michael Knight was born in Warrenby in 1891
He married Nora Byrne from Halifax on the 30th of July 1915 by special licence in The Church of The Sacred Heart and St Bernard, Halifax.
The Government released Michael from the army in 1916 to help man the steel works because there was a shortage of man power, Michael and Nora returned to Warrenby where I believe they lived in Wigeon street.

Mary Knight was born in Warrenby in 1917
to Michael & Nora Knight

The Mc Cormick famiy 1948

The Mc Cormick famiy pictured in the back yard of their Warrenby home in Widgeon street.

Joe and Sarah Jane with there children
At the back, Joe , Eileen, George,Margaret, Mick, and Charlotte.

Rose is immediately behind her father and Ted behind his mother

At the front Mary with the cheeky face, Patricia and Jane.

courtesy of Derrick Redhead


The Gibbon family of Coney street

Joyce,Arthur, Margaret and Pat.

The second picture shows the family two years later in 1941
Margaret, Pat, Arthur, and Joyce who is standing behind mam.

Mc Carthy family 1895

Mrs Nora Mc Carthy with her four children.

daughter Barbara is standing near her mother, Patrick Peter is sitting on the left,Jim in his mothers arms,and John is sitting at the front.

This is a very poignant picture as the family are in mourning for their beloved father,who had lost his life in the Warrenby disaster,Patrick Peter Mc Carthy was laid to rest in Coatham churchyard.

Nora and her children were all suitably dressed in customary black, and their mother had explained to them that it was a mark of respect for their father.

Photograph and information from Kathleen Minnery nee Mc Carthy

The three sons can also be seen in the topic serving the nation.

Loves Cottages, Warrenby.

The lady in black is Jane Lawton of 12 Loves
Cottages, Warrenby.

Jane is the mother of Sarah JaneRamsdale
of 13 Partridge Street.

We think the lady on the right is Edith Lawton and these are her babies.

Thomas in uniform with his wife Sarah Jane Ramsdale (nee Lawton)
of 13 Partridge Street, Warrenby.


William Atkinson
with his wife
Alice (nee Ramsdale)
and baby Bessie.


Alice Atkinson (nee Ramsdale) with three of her
six children. Marjorie, Jean and Dorothy


Levi and Mary Barnett pose for this lovely picture around the turn of the century

Courtesy of Pat Jackson


A portrait of Eliza Barnett of Warrenby.

Courtesy of Pat Jackson